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There is a website called Funny Signs which can be accessed by clicking on:

Here is a selection of the signs from that site and as posted in Bored Panda recently at:

Some of the reader comments from the Bored Panda site are also shown below.


Reader comments:

I love it when public servants do something like this! And I always welcome any Looney Tunes references

What about Roadrunners painting fake train tunnels? Are those OK?

Now that's social service...

A Public Service Announcement that actually gets attention. Doing it right, guys.

MEP mep

So very true!

I would only add "Being offended does not automatically give you the right to dictate how others behave".

It doesn't mean you're right, but it also doesn't mean you're wrong. Sometimes people are offended for a good reason. Sometimes an offended person will criticize what you said, because what you said is offensive and not okay. If you said horrible things, you're not a "free speech hero", you're just an asshóle who likes to bully people.

People want to be offended these days I swear

Shout this from the rooftops please.

I feel like I want to read it as, " Just because you are offended, doesn't mean I am not right" But they both work for sure.

I don't know about offended, but I'm often accused of being offensive.

I'm offended by that

Why do I want this for the front of my house?????

Haha love this, obviously the cats don't need an invite

The cats probably own the place

That can't be in the US. People are too stupid here to take that as the joke it's meant to be and are always on the lookout for reasons to be offended.

I'd patronize that place no matter what they're selling.

As someone who has worked 12 years in retail, I can tell you this sign has a lot of truth to it. I've personally witnessed multiple times where a kid makes a mess (even just randomly knocking products off shelves an on to the floor for some reason) or causes some other problem and yet I've never seen a dog cause a problem.

Well the more I think about it, they have a point. Some dogs are more well behaved than some children I’ve seen….believe me


Anyone heard of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?

And they didn't stop at 1 film

- Dude, what was that thing again you said when we were high? - What? That it felt like us all living in a yellow submarine? - Yeah, let's make a song about that.

Or better yet lets hire Samuel Jackson and make a movie about loose snakes in a passenger plane... :D

I mean, yes, but they also made over $700 million off it so that person wasn't wrong.

Maybe someone else at the very same meeting was afraid to say it's a stupid idea.

Once, many years ago, one person was the first to look at a cow and say "you see this smelly animal standing chewing grass? Im gonna drink from it ok?".

Not just 1 but six! And I loved all of them. No matter how obnoxiously stupid the idea was.

I’ve seen these before, they’re hilarious

What the hell was that person doing for 45 minutes?!??!??!!!?!

"Live Laugh Poop"

Hope they weren't too far on the edge of their seat.

45 minutes?! Someone was constipated

5 star toilet 🤌

Bytes note:

On a related image, this is still one of my favourite graffiti . . . 


How much for spotting incorrect use of capitals?

Or grammar?

As a translator and proofreader, I wish every restaurant in the world had this sign.

I’m still a child but even I know you aren’t supposed to use capital letters like that

!5% for misplaced/missing apostrophes.

SO going to do this!

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