Tuesday, April 9, 2024



Byter Sue P sent me an email with a link to a site that she thought I might find interesting:

The site is to the website of artist Tim Norris, whose work is both unusual and fascinating.

Thank you for sending that Sue.


About Tim Norris and his art:
Tim has always had a passion for the outdoors and this often not only provides him with the inspiration, but also the setting for his artwork. He specialises in large scale outdoor sculpture, drawing its inspiration from the surrounding landscape and, where possible, uses indigenous natural materials. Tim’s sculpture also aims to encourage a sense of interaction: either by sitting within, clambering over, or wandering through and inside.



Below are pics of Tim Norris’s work.

I have added one that is not his, see if you can pick it.

So did you work out which ws not the genuine Tim Norris work? It was the last one.

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