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From Ron T, who resides in the US, responding to the post about ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’:

Loved it.

I watched, many times over, a British cooking series, Two Fat Ladies, who had the most engaging culinary show on TV.

If I recall correctly, treacle is what we in the U.S. refer to as molasses, a super sweet concentrated liquid.

All the best to you and your loved ones.

Thanks Ron, and the best to you and family.


An email from Tim B, who also hails from the US, in response to the Funny Friday joke about Green Adair:

Morning Otto,

I had to really laugh at the joke about Green Adair. My brother and I were at a Dublin, Ireland pub and next to our table were two middle age ladies drinking a bottle of wine…each. Two ladies, two bottles. They asked what we were doing there as they detected we were from the US. When we told them playing golf, one said “you came all the way here to play fockin golf?

I don’t say fuck anymore, I say fock….am I still cussing?

Have a great day Otto.

Thanks Tim. ‘Fock’ or ‘Fuck’, is a matter for u. Ha ha.

Ron T also commented on the series of fail pics in ‘You had one job’:

Fantastic ! !

One needs a Bytes as this to perk up for the day.

Wishing you and your loved ones all the best.


Thanks again Ron.

Sue P’s email:

Hi Otto!

Surprisingly these are not bullet holes through glass, but embroidered silk!


Thanks, Sue. Not a very restful peace for one’s wall or a corporate office.

Here is another:


David B from the UK commented on one of the images in the past pics post, of the foot sizer in shoe stores:

Very few of yesterday's childhood memories that I don't share from growing up in Industrial West Yorkshire in the fifties.

But the picture of the foot measuring device in shoe shops reminds me of the X-ray machines that were common in shoe shops.

You put your foot in its new shoe under the machine and saw a picture of its bones on the screen. The x-rays might have been a health hazard but, by heck, you got a comfortable shoe.

I responded:

Never seen those, we never had them in Oz.

Very interesting.

Hope you enjoy Funny Friday.

Stay well.

David replied with a link:

From that link:

Shoe-fitting fluoroscopes, also sold under the names X-ray Shoe Fitter, Pedoscope and Foot-o-scope, were X-ray fluoroscope machines installed in shoe stores from the 1920s until about the 1970s in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Germany and Switzerland. In the UK, they were known as Pedoscopes, after the company based in St. Albans that manufactured them.

In the second half of the 20th century, growing awareness of radiation hazards and increasingly stringent regulations forced their gradual phasing out. They were widely used particularly when buying shoes for children, whose shoe size continually changed until adulthood.

They had a ledge with an opening through which the standing customer (adult or child) would put their feet and look through a viewing porthole at the top of the fluoroscope down at the X-ray view of the feet and shoes. Two other viewing portholes on either side enabled the parent and a sales assistant to observe the toes being wiggled to show how much room for the toes there was inside the shoe. The bones of the feet were clearly visible, as was the outline of the shoe, including the stitching around the edges.

A shoe fluoroscope, 1938

An Adrian Fluoroscope at the Dufferin County Museum, Ontario, Canada (2012). The x-ray tube was removed to render the apparatus harmless before being put on public display, due to the possible risk of radiation burn or other health problems if it were switched on.

This decommissioned Adrian Fluoroscope is part of the collection of the Dufferin County Museum in Ontario, Canada. This image shows the operator's controls and three viewing screens on the top of the device. On the opposite side is a low platform with two half-circle holes cut into the vertical back surface for inserting the fronts of the shoes. The device emitted lots of radiation when operated, so it was sent to Ottawa, where it was rendered harmless by removing the x-ray tube head.

From David B (a different one), in Scotland, also about the images from the past:

Hi Otto, loved the trip down memory lane! This 'Bytes' must be a full time job! Hope that you are improving in your health.

You always bring a smile to my face with your 'Bytes Daily'.

All the best, David

Thanks David.

From Joy C:

Hello Otto,

I’m a friend of Tom C’s.

I just wanted to thank you for your emails and every one you send gives me something to think about or reflect on.

Tom speaks very highly of you and you are in my prayers every day.

In kindness

Joy C

Thanks Joy.

An email from Ron T responding to the poem ‘Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail’ –

Otto, greetings,

The more I enjoy the Bytes, I come to the [obvious] conclusion that Australia and the US are so wonderfully similar in so many ways.

Watched the series on Queen Elizabeth and noted the independent spirit of Australia and your PM at the time Princess Dianna visited.

Too bad that Pacific Ocean is in the way.

Warm regards for you, Kate and your family.

Thanks Ron.

'England and America are two countries divided by a common language'

- Attributed to George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde

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