Saturday, July 2, 2011

Movie Moments: #72

Rat Race (2001)

I have previously written about this movie being in my Top Ten and about the Hitler car scene being the funniest scene in any film.  That hasn’t changed.  No matter how many times I see this movie, the Hitler car scene cracks me up.  The film wasn’t liked by the critics but hey, I like it.

Much like The Amazing Race, six teams of people are induced to race from Las Vegas to a locker at a train station in New Mexico.  The locker contains $2m in cash, the first to get there keeps it.

Bev Pear: Your daughter has to go to the bathroom!
Randy Pear: All right, all right, Jason, look in the back for an empty jar.
Bev Pear:  A jar? Girls don't pee in jars.
Randy Pear:  Oh, right. Sorry. Jason, we're gonna need a jar and a funnel.

Jon Lovitz is one of the competitors vying for the prize.  His wife and family are unaware that he is racing.  On the drive through the desert they stop at the Barbie Museum, which turns out to be a museum devoted to Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie.  When they emerge they find that one of the other competitors has disabled their car.

Vince Vieluf portrays Blaine Cody, the guy with the stud in his tongue and who speaks funny.  His high pressure agent tried to get him star billing, annoying the people in charge.  In response they left him out of all the film’s posters and promotional material, despite his being one of the main characters.  Vieluf subsequently fired the agent.

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