Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Movie Moments: #86

RED (2010)

A short while back I mentioned that I like chick flicks.  That may make me a SNAG, although I believe that that concept and acronym are no longer in use, or it may mean that I am in touch with my feminine side, as some put it.  It does not put me on the same plane as the guy in the Perfect Italiano ad (“Sometimes when I cook; I weep” and “I love to listen.  I love to hear the problems of your friends..and if there is no woman to listen to, I practise my listening face..”).  In fairness, I should point out that at the same time I love a good action movie, including those of Arnie, Sly and Bruce. RED (which stands for Retired, Extremely Dangerous) is a darn good action flick.  How can it not be when it has Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich in it.?

A team of former black-ops agents, now RED, reunite when unknown assailants start hunting them down. for reasons nunknown to them,

Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich): Why are you trying to kill me?
Frank Moses (Bruce Willis)): Look, why would I be trying to kill you?
Marvin Boggs: Because last time we met, I tried to kill you.
Frank Moses: That was a long time ago.
Marvin Boggs: Some people hold on to things like that.

Some scenes:

Remember Ernest Borgnine from McHale’s Navy and The Dirty Dozen?  It turns out he’s still alive, looking good and acting, having a part in this movie.  He was born in on 24 January 1917, so he’s 94.

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