Thursday, July 28, 2011

Movie Moments: #94


Hardware (1990)

If you like your sci fi quirky, this one’s for you.  Not loved by the critics but a cult classic in some quarters, it is in the mould of the Bleak Vision of the Future movies (think Waterworld, Terminator, I Am Legend) and Post Nuclear Apocalypse movies (think Mad Max, The Road).  Definitely not a movie to watch with the gf if you’re planning a big night. The soundtrack is memorable.  A hard to get flick so worth buying on Amazon.

A nomad collects junk in the post apocalypse, radioactive wasteland (“the zone”) of what was once Earth, to sell to a scrap metal dealer.  Amongst the junk is the remains of a MARK 13 robot, which is able to self repair.  It does so and becomes a killing machine.

(Alvy is a dwarf)
Moses Baxter: How much for the other stuff?
Alvy:  Ten C's. That's as high as I go.
Moses Baxter:  Yep, Alvy. You're as high as you're ever going to go.
[Mo hands the bills to Shades and they head for the door. Alvy sneers after them]
Alvy: Very funny. Can I help it if my mother picked up a dose in the big one?
Alvy: [calling after] You just wait. All those years out in the zone? Your kids'll make me look like Narcissus!

Scenes from the movie with some of the soundtrack.  Ace:

Mark 13 in the Bible reads: “No flesh hsall be spared.” (Mark 13:20).

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