Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Origins of Band and Performers' Names, E-F

The Eagles
Originally called Teen King and the Emergencies, they liked the American sound of Eagles and the way it was aligned with The Byrds, who had a great influence on them.
Elton, John
Reginald Dwight took his stage name from two other British musicians, saxophone player Elton Dean and Long John Baldry. The middle name he later added, Hercules,  is from the horse out of the British TV series "Steptoe & Son", which he greatly enjoyed.
From his real name, Marshall Mathers took his initials M&M and rewrote them phonetically as Eminem.
Eskimo Joe
Their name came from a t-shirt of Eskimo Joe’s, the popular restaurant in Stollwater, Oklahoma.. Although intended to be a temporary name, it ended up being permanent.
A method of music instruction from the 1890's that emphasizes physical response to the music..

Faith No More
The band was originally called Sharp Young Men, but changed to Faith No Man when their front man was Mike 'The Man' Morris. After he left, 'The Man' was no more, so they switched to Faith No More. 
Fleetwood Mac
Uses the last name of drummer Mick Fleetwood and a part of bassist John McVie's last name.
Foo Fighters
A term used by World War II pilots to describe strange flying fireballs they sometimes saw.
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
As explained on the liner notes to their first single, the group's name derived from a page from the New Yorker magazine, featuring the headline "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" and a picture of Frank Sinatra.

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