Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Cards

There are various signs that Christmas is coming. Shops bring out their decorations, seemingly earlier each year; Christmas songs start getting played and office work becomes more hectic and pressured as the Christmas countdown brings the Christmas closure continually closer (Groucho Marx voice: "and try to say that quickly three times").

Another sign for me that Christmas is near is when I receive a card from Bonna, a lovely elderly lady who was a friend of my parents for many years. Despite loss and sadness in her life, Bonna still maintains a happy outlook  and takes the time to craft wonderful Christmas cards. This year was no exception: 

Detail from Bonna's card

The cards are entirely handmade and use a technique called quilling, the twirling of paper. It incorporates glitter and pearls, Bonna also does the gold edging and writing. I have written about Bonna’s cards before: 

Receiving a handmade card that someone has taken the time to craft always reaffirms for me the basic goodness and kindness of people. Others may not see that as the human condition but it works for me. 

Another handcrafted card received this year was from Jenny who, like Bonna, has sustained her share of loss. She too produces beautiful cards that are entirely handmade: 

Jenny’s cards feature tiny crystals as Christmas tree lights. 

Which brings me to my family’s card for this year, crafted by my daughter, Acacia: 

Thanks, Princess. 

Next year I will be producing my own cards again because I have enrolled in a Photoshop course, commencing February. 

Then I will be able to produce the card I wanted, which my daughter vetoed: Santa in his sleigh with reindeer coming through space past the Death Star, or in the sleigh in the sky in Mordor.

Oh, one other thing that indicates that Christmas is getting closer:  I start showing people my favourite Christmas video again:

Here is the full version, where Gumby also gets busted:

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