Thursday, December 20, 2012

More lights

Whilst looking up some items to do with previous posts about Christmas lights, I also came across some amusing light displays. Although Funny Friday is still a day away, here are some light items (ha ha) that should bring a smile . . .

Originally captioned: My wife asked me to hang the lights on the porch.

Santa sleigh, Alabama version

No expense spared


and another on the same theme

Starship Enterprise

Pimp my truck

Santa pit stop

Now that's a tree

Remind you of anything?

Sarah Henderson's roof decoration in Louisiana, 2012.  Sarah had been involved in an ongoing dispute with her neighbours so gave them the salute of honour in lights.  The neighbours complained to the cops, the cops said it was offensive and that she had to take it down.  Sarah took it down.  Then the ACLU said there was nothing illegal in it so that she was allowed to display it if she wanted.  Sarah has said she probably won't put the lights back up, the message has been "sent and received".


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