Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Pic

Some Christmassy items this week...

Homeowner Kristina Green lives next door to Eric Cyr in Maricopa, Arizona, USofA. Eric is one of those people who likes to light up his house at Christmas, so much so that it can be used as a guidance beacon for extra terrestrials. Kristina also wanted to put up some lights but felt that there wasn’t any way that she could compete with Eric’s display. She put up a simpler decoration of 400 lights, the word “Ditto” with an arrow pointing at Eric’s display. That put her into the headlines in various countries and attracted attention that Eric could only dream about. A little sad given that Eric came up with the idea, made the word and arrow and then hung it up for her. 

The idea is not new. There have been examples earlier but they had not attracted Kristina’s prominence. This has also generated some copycat lighting. Some pics of ditto lights dating from before and after Kristina’s publicity: 


My favourite, though, is: 

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