Thursday, February 12, 2015

Street Art: Words

Street art may be simple, rough and unsophisticated, yet may also be whimsical, confronting, challenging, humorous, thought provoking. Have any of the street art pics posted in the past caused you to pause, even if only for a short moment, and think about some aspect(s), to laugh or at least smile, to reflect on beauty or the horrors of war. Have you thought "This person gets it" or "I totally disagree with that"? Now let me ask you: When was the last time that seeing a pic of the Mona Lisa inspired feelings like that? Or seeing a Rembrandt? Picasso's Guernica would. I am not saying that street art is superior to the works of the masters, but that in its own way it serves what art is about and should be appreciated.

Some words on walls . . .

A classic Banksy that has been in Bytes before

And another classic that has been in Bytes before, to finish off . . .

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