Sunday, February 11, 2018

Readers Write and Statues on Benches

After yesterday’s post I received some emails from Graham and Charles Z. Thanks, guys. I will post Graham’s email today and Charles’s emails tomorrow. It looks like it might become a Readers Write Week.

Graham’s email and pics:
Hi Mr O, 
Further to the Alan Turning statue in Sackville Gardens, what about a bytes of famous people immortalised on park benches.....
Graham did, however, miss one that is the creepiest and most disturbing images of a statue on a park bench I could imagine. I will post that one at the end.

Springfield, Ilinois Lincoln statue

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Benjamin Franklin 

London, England Churchill and Roosevelt

Bratislava Slovakia Napoleon Bonaparte 

Havana, Cuba, John Lennon

Finchley, England Spike Milligan

Dublin, Ireland Patrick Kavanagh 

Havana, Cuba Fredric Chopin

Toronto, Canada Glen Gould

San Diego, California Mark Twain

Palm Springs, California Lucille Ball

Davidson, North Carolina Sleeping Jesus

Almaty, Kazakhstan The Beatles

Gdańsk, Poland Gunter Grass

Manchester, England T S Lowry 

Malaga, Spain Pablo Picasso

High Point, North Carolina Rosa Parkes

Cambridge, England Charles Darwin

Elk, Poland Nicolaus Copernicus

Dallas, Texas William Shakespeare

Dinant, Belgium Adolphe Sax

Cartagena, Spain Carmen Conde

Perthshire, Scotland Robert Burns

Milton, Delaware John Milton

Thuringia, Germany, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

College Park, Maryland, Jim Henson

Orlando, Florida, Roy Disney

Saint Paul, Minnesota, Lucy, Woodstock

And the one that is the stuff of nightmares . . .


There is a website called Statue Molestors which posts pics sent in by people of themselves and others molesting statues. It contains risqué material but is amusing for those with a broader mind. Click on:

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