Thursday, February 25, 2021

READERS WEEK: Collie Mural Trail

An email from Graham E:

Hi Mr O,

Came across this interesting story, thought you may like it as well.

The small town of Collie, south of Perth, is usually known more for its coal mining history than as an art destination, but not anymore. One of the world's biggest murals is taking shape on the wall of Wellington Dam in the picturesque Wellington National Park less than half-an-hour out of town. And in the town itself, contemporary art works have sprung up on the walls of public buildings, shops and signs, creating a trail of images which tell the story of the history and culture of the area.

Artist Guido van Helten's 8000 square metre mega-mural is the biggest dam mural in the world. Inspired by local stories and photographs, it comprises a series of images and reflects the area's connection to and reliance on its natural resources, including water.

Thanks Graham.

Below are some of the pics Graham sent with the above comments, plus extra.

Before I do, I have to say that I love the comment “the biggest dam mural in the world”. It reminds me of a classic funny . . .

One day a nun was fishing near a dam and caught a huge fish. A man was walking by and said, "Wow! What a nice goddamn fish!" The sister said, "Sir, you shouldn't use Lord's name in vain." The man said, "But that's the species of the fish, a dam fish because it was caught near a dam."

The sister said, "Oh, in that case, it's okay." The sister took the fish back home and said, "Mother Superior, look at the dam fish I caught." Shocked, the Mother Superior said, "Sister, you know better than that." The nun said, "That's the name of its species - a dam fish because I caught it near a dam." So, the Mother Superior said, "Well, give me that dam fish and I'll clean it."

While she was cleaning the fish, Monsignor walked in and Mother Superior said, "Monsignor, look at the dam fish that the sister caught." Nearly fainting, Monsignor said, "Mother Superior, you shouldn't talk like that!" Mother Superior said, "But that's the species of it - a dam fish because the sister caught it near a dam." Monsignor said, "Well, give me the dam fish and I'll cook it."

That evening at supper there was a new priest at the table, and he said, "Wow, what a nice fish." In reply, the sister said, "Thank you, I caught the dam fish." Mother Superior said, "I cleaned the dam fish." And Monsignor said, "I cooked the dam fish."

The priest looked around in disbelief, quite shocked, and said, "I'm starting to like this fucking place!"

(And yes, I am aware there is a cruder version of it).


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