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Some of these designs are awful to look at, others are possibly fatal. How could they have been thought of, much less constructed? How many hands and eyes did they have to go through before being completed?

The following are from Bored Panda with the original headings and some of the reader comments following each pic. Often the reader comments are the best part.


Steps That You Can't See

This is great if you hate people and also don't mind being sued.

Fantastic entertainment when you have a party with lots of alcohol.

Welcome to my House of Traps.

Someone is going to die.

Stumble and fall. Again and again.

Seriously, change the tiles before a really serious accident happens. Or put a carpet on the upper part.

*removes carpets from checkered steps for guest I don't like

This. Is. EVIL

There are no steps. It's an optical illusion.

Checkers anyone?

Triggering my ocd....

Homeowner: I want to be a serial killer and get away with murder, by framing everything as ‘accidental death’ or manslaughter

Designer: say no more

Up The Drain It Goes

And the door right next to it, too...

That door probably goes to the circuit breakers... LOL!

What where they sinking.

Take shower on this space only.

At least they don`t have to worry about a clogged drain

Well, water is precious you don't want to let it go down the drain!

Anti-Gravity bathroom

Scratches head...

No worries, the water will get out through the door first

Gravity? I have no need for gravity.

Is anyone really that stupid?

The shower door is lower than the drain! Brilliant! 😝

My Uncle's House Got A Bathroom Without A Door, Literally The First Thing You See When You Enter The House

Welcome to our humble commode...I meant abode

The aroma in the house must be marvellous.

Well, it's always kind of awkward to ask where the bathroom is when you're a guest in a new house. So, he's just making sure you know as soon as you walk in. Considerate.

I do not think an interior designer had anything to do with this. Looks more like an amateur job. Nothing matches (floor, glass blocks, toilet) and no designer would place a wall of glass blocks standalone in a space like that.

Those glass bricks... reminds me of SANIFAIR (toilets at gas stations along German highways)

Oh yes. Yikes!

Crappy design

I am speechless...

What is this, a daycare?

That is shitty feng shui!

My Friend's Under-The-Stairs "Bathroom" Where The Toilet Is Diagonal And Partially Installed Into The Carpeted Wall

This is beyond weird

I'm thinking bad things happen in here.

I can smell this picture

The legend says it was a white carpet at the beginning..


It looks like somewhere the unsub in Criminal Minds would keep his next victim.

That was exactly what I first thought. Definite creepy pervert serial killer vibes going on.

Is this a bathroom or a cell?

Well, if something (somehow) accidently ends up against the wall, no one will notice.

Harry would have been a lot more messed up if he had lived here

The wall is slowly digesting the toilet, and everybody sitting on it

Screw the toilet being wonky who in the world carpets wall?

Why couldn't they put it against the back wall?! And what's with the carpet!?! This was designed for a hostage, not an "extra bathroom".... Where's the sink!? Lol what were they thinking?!?!? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

For the shy pooper who doesn't want guests hearing what's happening.

That's some great sound proofing.

Like a poop grotto.

Can't Stop Thinking About This Sink

Why???? Even the microwave is shocked

So they measured wrong and thought sod it?

i like it...

I like it too

The 2020 Hip Bruiser model

The sink is trying to escape.

Two people can wash the dishes together. Quite practical, in fact.

I actually like this. And I think they did this on purpose. Maybe because of the view or maybe because it's easier to open the window. Anyway I have seen this in many upscale kitchen "studios" just to make the room more interesting.

I don't see the problem with this - they have plenty of room for it, and it makes the sink usable by two people at once.

It is a double sink so could be used by two even if back against the wall.

Didn't they sink this through!??

I somehow suspect the dishwasher was a bit too wide, so rather than get a different dishwasher, they... shifted the cabinetry and sink.

This is actually quite nice. What’s so weird about it? It’s rather unique. I want it!

What did they do with the gap behind the sink?

Might be due to a remodel, perhaps. The area with the fridge may not have been part of the original kitchen (with a wall adjoining that sink, which was then in the corner of the room), and then they just decided it was too much trouble to move the plumbing? I dunno... just trying to make some sense of it.

I think the dishwasher is at fault. They wanted one and keep the original kitchen, and this was the only way.

Show us why there are no cabinets under the counter to the left.

C’mon guys! Look at the bench cut and how nice the sink and faucet have been fit into it! A masterpiece!

I just think it would be another thing to run into in the dark

At Least You Don't Have To Reach For It

I will admit I burst out in laughter.

The toilet paper also acts as d**k rests for people with...d***s

Genius if it was coming out the SIDE of the toilet seat!

This actually makes sense in an insane way

Because there was literally EVERYWHERE ELSE to put the tissue roll.

Someone had to custom make this right ?

I admit, it isn't a horrible idea, they had good intentions, but your legs would have to be spread apart pretty far...

Also, the location of the toilet itself looks odd...

Recommended for an all female household only! Sorry guys, but sometimes you all don't have great aim, sorry sorry sorry!

Dad, don't forget to raise the seat... PLEASE!

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