Wednesday, June 2, 2021


Thanks to Graham E for drawing my attention to Ard Gelinck . . .

Ard Gelinck is a Dutch artist who has been posting ’then and now’ images of celebrities since 2017 – well known people with their younger selves. What is striking is that the images appear as the 2 people alongside each other having been posed and photographed live. The other thought comes to mind is that it is a stark reminder of the aging process and impermanence.

Tom Hanks

Harrison Ford

Richard Gere

Anthony Hopkins

Emma Watson

Leonardo Di Caprio

Michelle Obama

Ron Howard

Tom Cruise

Clint Eastwood

Robert de Niro


Lady Gaga

Robbie Williams

Neil Patrick Harris

Jeff Bridges

Daniel Radcliffe

Bruce Willis

Reese Witherspoon

I threw that one in

Jimmy Fallon

Brad Pitt

Julia Roberts

John Travolta


Michael Jackson

Amy Winehouse

Paul McCartney

Mel Gibson

George Clooney

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