Sunday, June 27, 2021


Anthony Albanese, Leader of the Opposition, Australian Parliament:

Comment 2 days ago:

“Yesterday the government tabled a new vaccine rollout document that does not include a single target and instead refers to horizons. The government has not met a single one of its vaccine targets and the rollout is months behind. Is that why the government has now given up on vaccine targets and is talking about horizons? Does the prime minister accept that the horizon is something that you never reach?”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison in response:

So the horizon projections that the leader of the opposition mockingly referred to, Mr Speaker, were actually put together by Lieutenant General Frewen in command of ... Operation Covid Shield, Mr Speaker, those horizon projections were laid out to the National Cabinet earlier this week on Monday when I convened that meeting.

I can assure Australians and those in the chamber that when Lieutenant General Frewen was outlining those horizon projections, Mr Speaker, it was not met with the mocking tone that we just heard from the leader of the opposition. So I would invite the leader of the opposition to support the operation being led by Lieutenant General Frewen and try to refrain from his usually snarky responses.

(I thought it was actually an apt comment.)

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