Tuesday, September 7, 2021



Another contribution from Graham . . . 

Hi Mr O,

Just reading about the new film “House of Gucci” starring Lady Gaga, Jared Leto and Adam Driver, and was amazed at the physical transformation of Jared Leto for the role.

I have included a number of other amazing physical transformation from recent films. 

Jared Leto/ Paolo Gucci “House of Gucci” 2021


Colin Farrell/ Oswald Cobblepot “The Batman” 2022


Eddie Murphy/ Saul “Coming To America 2” 2021


Tom Hardy/ Al Capone “Capone” 2020

Russell Crowe/ Roger Ailes “The Loudest Voice” 2019


Tilda Swinton/ Dr. Josef Klemperer “Suspiria” 2018


Christian Bale/ Dick Cheney “Vice” 2018


Nicole Kidman/ Erin Bell “Destroyer” 2018


Gary Oldman/ Winston Churchill “The Darkest Hour” 2017

Johnny Depp/ Whitey Bulger “Black Mass” 2015


Eddie Redmayne/ Stephen Hawking “The Theory of Everything” 2014


Anthony Hopkins/ Alfred Hitchcock “Hitchcock” 2012


Mr G

Thanks Graham.

👍 😃

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