Wednesday, September 29, 2021


Jeremy Bertrand is a Canadian artist, blogger and urban explorer. He is also a street artist who goes by the name Jerm IX and is known for stickers and stencil paintings featuring quotations and sayings, as well as his own thoughts and poetry.

A victim of childhood sexual abuse, he lived on the streets as a teenager, regularly getting into trouble with the law. That changed after he got out of jail, where he spent two years between the ages of 16 and 18. He met his partner and started a path to recovery that continues two decades later.

His street art adheres to a code. No street art on private residences, open mom-and-pop businesses, schools, churches or vehicles. His canvas is mostly limited to public utility boxes and abandoned buildings - like the crumbling structures he lives to explore.

Bertrand admits he lives an unusual lifestyle as a pot-smoking, trespassing street artist - three things he does daily. But he wants to be known as a son, husband, brother and friend, not a vandal. "I'm a real person," he said. "Not just a stencil on a wall."

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