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There is a website named Urban Hell - The Downsides of Modern Development and it can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

The website describes itself as:
A photography subreddit of all the hideous places human beings built or inhabit. Come here for aesthetic appreciation of the darker side of the cities, towns, and villages in our shared world. We welcome any photos which show either ugliness, or a problem in urban development. Rural and suburban hell are also allowed.
Bored Panda has also posted some of the pics from that site, at:

It headed the post:
People On This Group Are Sharing Examples Of ‘Urban Hell’ That Look Like A Dystopian Movie But Are Sadly Real
The following pics, captions and reader comments (some of which raise serious discussion points and profound observations) are from the Bored Panda posting.

A Boy Gathers Recyclable Items From A Semi-Dry Drain, At Taimoor Nagar In New Delhi

Reader comments:

Oh my god.

Don’t blame god for this one

THIS! THIS! I'm so sick of people calling anything they dislike "urban hell" (see previous articles on Bored Panda). THIS is Hell. And capitalists, socialists, kleptocrats, everyone has fault in this. I do, you do, and everyone who doesn't use their brainpower thinking up better ways of doing things. And no, I don't mean ridding the world of trash. (Your plastic straws aren't causing that, and if you absolve yourself because you use paper straws, that's just plain wrong.) I mean ridding the world of poverty.

Well said. City problems and poor problems are mere symptoms. It will catch up even to the well-sheltered eventually in a variety of ways if few take ownership

Hopelessness in a picture.

I’m almost 50, I remember seeing this scene when I was a child, it’s a shame there’s really no progress

There actually is, a few years back, china was the first country to give the West the middle finger and ban the import of our "recyclables". Since then, both EU and US have been struggling to get rid of their waste. At last, we will finally have to deal with our own pollution instead of pointing the finger to those countries.

Poor kid having to do this to survive.

We are destroying the planet. We are cutting the branch on which we're sitting - and it's a LOOOOOOOOONG way down--

People are railing about the US dumping our "recyclables" on other countries, but in all fairness, that mess looks like it contains a lot of local trash as well. The boy is basically sifting through the local landfill looking for recyclables.

It looks to me that they do nothing as far as waste management goes except open the window and throw their sh#@ out. Shaking my head...sigh.

Nasty country. There is no reason to live in filth.

India has a huge waste problem. But if you see how Indians behave abroad…we have Indian residential areas in UAE and believe me even playgrounds for kids there are covered with litter. Sad, but true. Not all Indians are like that of course.

Oh yes, eating a slightly more expensive salad is DEFINITELY going to save the earth. This planet is f*****g doomed...

The age of plastic for humanity

Ah Yes, Trees

They look like something...else, at first

Oh let’s just say it: búttplugs

Lego trees are more realistic than that. If fact full size Lego tress would be cool!

f*****g stupid is what they are

Is this what I’ve been saving all my plastic bags for?

I thought they were air filters or something practical. They just look awful

Real trees are air filters


Nuclear warheads hiding in plain sight. Ingenious!

Even a dog wouldn't take a pi** on that

Ah, the sound of the wind whistling through the plastic leaves...

It is the desert. If actual trees were there they would waste a ton of water on them. But I have no clue why they thought this would look good. Better without it.

Locally, they put plastic evergreen "limbs" on cell phone towers to try to disguise them. It doesn't work.


All jokes aside - why plant actual trees, when we can have this hideous abomination. Possibly made from plastic.

Trees 2.0! Now without the hassle of leaves, limbs, or anything else tree related!!

Looks like the worst Dr. Seuss book ever

What is the point? Are they supposed to do something or have a purpose?

San Francisco, USA

How a country with the self-understanding of being the world's leader would let this happen is beyond comprehension.

I'm pretty sure we aren't the world's leader anymore. If we are, we shouldn't be.

Unrestrained capitalism, untaxed rich, paramilitarized cops, Republican obstruction, bourgeois entitlement, lack of popular interest in the welfare if others, corporate greed, mass incarceration, unaffordable healthcare, zero mental health and drug treatment resources, gun fetishes, grotesque military spending, systemic racism, bias against women and LGBTQ+... How? That's how.

Lmao I like how you found a way to blame Republicans but completely ignored that SF is a democratic ran city.

This is not just in San Francisco, it’s in every single major metropolitan city in America and is the direct result of greed

I’m a liberal, but an old school one not the ones that want to rename school named after Abraham Lincoln. And I want to say this is a complete result of liberal policies and NIMBY’s. They act like it is some sort of charity to let homeless people sleep wherever they want, yet don’t help them in any way after. San Francisco is one of the most expensive places to live on earth. And many virtue signal by protesting the 1%, but then oppose affordable housing in their neighborhoods.The state does selective decriminalization of not arresting homeless people sleeping on the street, but do nothing to help them not sleep on the street in the first place. There is a Washington Post article with the headline “ California gave people the ‘right’ to be homeless — but little help finding homes”. On this site there have been pictures of lovely lined rows of clean new tents for these people to live in without showing that just blocks away is Skid Row.

Rents are ridiculous here, even if you have a job you can end up homeless, like a professor in the Bay Area who is living in her car....its going to get worse next month when the eviction moratorium ends. Even those who have been paying their rent are in jeopardy as the landlords keep raising the rent every year

To be fair this is NOT a good representation of San Francisco. You can find garbage dumps like this one in every city in the world.

Both republicans and democrats have no clue how to handle this homelessness crisis. It’s outta control.

Unreal! Looks like some of these third world countries.

I was very surprised by the amount of homelessness I saw in San Francisco

The American dream is dead.

As George Carlin put it that's why it's called the American Dream because you'd have to be asleep to believe it.

Magnitogorsk, One Of The Worst Polluted Cities In Russia. Only 28% Of The Children Born In The Town Are Fully Healthy

This isn't even urban...just hell.

This is what the US would look like if Trump had his way as king.

Its gonna look like this either way. You already had a line of morons before the Orange Man and now you have Creepy Sleepy Uncle Joe. Its’ not getting better for you lot.

WE, the public, are the ones being blamed for the failing earth when countries are doing nothing about the companies making millions out of it.

Terrible. Even climate change deniers must realize you are not supposed to breathe shit in the air. Ahem also looking at you India

Try China

Why do people have kids there?

Is that statue suppose to be sign of victory? Over what? Human's health and life?

Wikipedia says 1%

Aside from everything else wrong with this photo.... That's a terrible way to hold a sword.

A local hospital also only says 1% of the children are healthy.

Is that statue black from the air pollution?

It is not black but brown. Still, you are probably right

The two guys in the front are running for their lives after stealing the Sword of Fresh Air. Ever since they left, the town has never been the same.

Inequality In Tembisa, South Africa

Powerful photo

They are divided by the cemetery, that makes the photo even more powerful.

There are hardly any whites left in SA. Reverse racism and all. There are MANY rich black people who dont give a s**t about the poor blacks. Not to mention the corrupt black politicians who keep brainwashing the people that it is the white man's fault just so they can continue with their corrupt agenda. Getting old now. SA has gone down the drain, unfortunately.

There's inequality everywhere, even if it's not so apparent.

I find the comments that seem to equate the "downfall" of South Africa with a "lack of whites" to be quite telling. Also, I should tell my whites friends, colleagues and neighbours that they seem to be quite lost as apparently there are no whites left in South Africa.

Reminds me of District 9.

District 9 was astonishingly accurate in its metaphorical comparison to how SA used to be in the apartheid era. The various Districts were actually a thing. As for Thembisa, I remember driving to work in SA in the 1990s and seeing affluent areas with mansions on one side of the motorway, and shantytown shacks on the other side. Terrible disparity between rich and poor.

Equality and opportunity are two different things.

I'm surprised they're so close together. But in all seriousness, I can't believe that there are people out there who think this is a problem. Some people are well educated and have better jobs so can afford more. That's life, always has been, always will be. If you can say with a straight face that a doctor should be remunerated in the same way as a dock worker, you're firstly a communist, secondly laughable, and thirdly off your rocker.

This is everywhere. It's the same here in Cocoa FL. Really nice, large houses near the river, and 'general development' homes across the railroad tracks.

Similar situations if you look at the populated cities right on country borders (example in California/Mexico border at Mexicali I think)

this is called life. equality doesn't exist nor will it ever.

Not with that attitude, it won’t.

Looks to me like everybody has a place to live. What's the problem? Someone has more land than someone else? Then let's burn down the bigger houses so we can all "be equal".

That may be the case for some but I can promise you many people on the left are willing to work (and do) and some probably even more so than some of the people on the right. There's way more to it than "willing to work and not".

Norilsk, Russia

No happiness

Why is that written in English, in Russia.

Norilsk was built by Gulag prisoners. Lead mines. The rain there is basically acid. Horrible that anyone still has to live there, such a hopeless place

Нет счастья, if this was actually in Russia. Graffiti wouldn't be in English.

Lots of graffiti all over the world is in English..?

This reminds me of the time i lived and worked in the town of Kirkenes in northeren Norway its right by the Russian border and we used to go shopping in the nearest Russian town of Nikel to buy cheap vodka and gasoline about 50 km from Kirkenes . The poverty and the state of the building and houses was shocking and looked exactly like the picture above

More to come . . . 

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