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There is a Reddit website called Accidental Renaissance where contributors post their photographs that unintentionally resemble works of art from the Renaissance, which flourished in Europe from the 14th to 17th centuries. Visit that site by clicking on:

Bored Panda recently posted a selection of photos from that site, which can be viewed and read by clicking on:

Here are some of those BP pics (remember, they are photographs that accidentally resemble Renaissance art, not actual paintings), with BP headings and selected reader comments . . .


The Advent of Autumn

Reader comments:

Sunning photographs. I'm expecting elves, hobbits, dwarfs, rangers and wizards to emerge from the mist.

This way to the Shire!

Looks like a professional painting!!

I would just like to curl up with a good book under the tree on the left. * sigh *


An Old Town in Salzburg, Austria

This looks like a Christmas card

I know that this is supposed to be Renaissance, but it feels more Dickensian to me - right down to Scrooge with his cane.

The street is called "Getreidegasse."

What a view...the background is astounding

Reminds me of Van Gogh

I thought the same thing! Reminds me slightly of Café Terrace at Night.

This isn’t an old town in Salzburg. This IS Salzburg FFS!

Salzburg is the town, it's not a town in Salzburg, Austria, which is the capital of Amsterdam, Sweden.

This is now added to my bucket list of places to visit.

Summer Gardens


More 19th century Neoclassicism i would say

This looks much more like a pre  Raphaelite 19th century picture than renaissance

I would have mistaken it for art at first glance.


Monet art

At Peace Amongst the Willow and the Lake

More Impressionist, really

I want to be there.

This picture, although not Impressionistic in style reminds me of a Van Gogh painting.

This would be a slice of Heaven for me!

I Just Became a Dad

Great lighting

Yes, I especially love how the light source is the mother :)

Great poses and the mother’s arm would satisfy the most ardent lover of Renaissance life drawing.

These is gorgeous but where is the actual Dad? Shouldn’t it be called something like I just became a grandad?

Taking the photo I assumed

That is a big newborn...

At LEAST 10 pounds! Probably more, though

Norman Rockwell, renaissance artist?

Very Rembrant lighting.

Bro use this for your Christmas card, this is honestly giving Nativity.

This somewhat reminds me of a picture of Mary holding Baby Christ while the Wise Men looked down at their new King which I believe was painted by Raphael

That’s a newborn? That baby’s huge, poor mom.

Syrians In Al Yarmouk Camp Waiting for Aid

How devastating

"This picture taken the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) shows residents of the besieged Palestinian camp of Yarmouk, queuing to receive food supplies, in Damascus, Syria, on January 31, 2014."

This is absolutely heartbreaking.

This so sad 😔

It’s making me teary

I picture a number of things when I heard the word "camp". None of them are this.

This civil war has been going on for over 10 years. Dictator Assad has blasted his country, his own people, back to the dark ages in the name of greed and fear.

Calling a Friend

Photoshop a goblet in his hand and you have a perfect modern Bacchus 😮

When you pause to talk on the phone but you still fiddle with the controller so your game doesn't time out.

Turkmen Woman Weaving Her Hair

More like a Dutch old master than an Italian renaissance image, nice composition and detail

Renaissance isn't only Italian. It was also Dutch and Flemish. Early Netherlandish painters were influenced by the Italian Renaissance in the early 16th century, leading to Antwerp Mannerism and so on, Hieronymus Bosch being probably the most famous of them.

That would be plaiting be hair.

Although quite different this picture reminds me of the “Girl with the Pearl Earring”

That was my thought as well. She's all grown up now. :)

This makes me think more of the work of old Dutch masters painters like Rembrandt and Rubens with the warmer tones and lighting.

Turkmen: the demonym for Turkmenistan, not to be confused with “Turkish men”

Just checking the comments to see if anyone tries insisting on "Turkperson."

They changed the name of the country now to Turkpersonistan.

Village of Cotignac Shrouded in Morning Mist

Oh my word! So utterly beautiful.

What a stunning view. I would be an incredibly happy person if I could wake up to a view like that with a mug of coffee and a good book.

Raphael would paint such a beautiful and relaxing piece of art.

The Peaks of Italy

Wow, that is an impressive picture!

Half expecting Frodo and Sam to pop out any minute.

That's the "Sasso di Sesto". I know this place because a very bloody WW1 battle took place in this exact mountaintop and up to the peak behind the spot from which this picture is taken. The three rocky outcrops to the right are the "Tre Cime di Lavaredo". 
This area is also very faithfully reproduced in the new WW1 first-person shooter "Isonzo"; 

It looks like something out of Lord of the Rings

"One simply does not walk into Mordor..

It's the "three peaks of Lavaredo"

Utterly breathtaking!


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