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Continuing photographs from the Reddit website called Accidental Renaissance where contributors post their photographs that unintentionally resemble works of art from the Renaissance, which flourished in Europe from the 14th to 17th centuries. Visit that site by clicking on:

Bored Panda recently posted a selection of photos from that site, which can be viewed and read by clicking on:

Here are some more of those pics (remember, they are photographs that accidentally resemble Renaissance art, not actual paintings), with Bored Panda headings and selected reader comments . . .


Village Of Cotignac Shrouded In Morning Mist

Reader comments:

Oh my word! So utterly beautiful.

What a stunning view. I would be an incredibly happy person if I could wake up to a view like that with a mug of coffee and a good book.

I’m getting Miyazaki vibes from this. It makes me want to grab my broom and jump right on.

Reminds me somewhat of a Maxwell Parrish painting.

Raphael would paint such a beautiful and relaxing piece of Art.


The Story Of The Old Stove

Love this one. There's a story here

There's something so cozy about this. The husband tending to the fire with amber glow surrounding him and the wife is cooking underneath a stream of light.

The mundane things are typically the best memories. I remember (as a young man) my grandmother churning butter from milk we that we had milked from the cow, and my aunt making biscuits from scratch.

The story is, “ Marjorie, what can we do to make it warmer in here?”


A Bookshop Owner Repairs A Book

I absolutely envy him.

Who wouldn't envy him! Look at all the ✨books✨

I can smell the scenery

"repairs a book"... now that's a combination of words I haven't expected to read anytime soon.

There was a used bookstore in North Vancouver called Booklovers where the owner had boxes and piles and overstuffed shelves... it was a freakin' fire hazard, but I loved that place. It was like a maze.

Pakistan? This is what average old book banks look like in my city.

Somewhere I have a book about mending books...

Please never stop publishing or buying books. The tactile experience of reading the written word, the beauty of bound books, and the smell of a book … never stop.

When your vacation starts Friday and you are trying to catch up on your backlog of work before you go.

There's not too much anymore that I am willing to buy if I were to win a lottery or lawsuit. But I would actually try and buy this entire room. Books, bookshelves, desk , but not that guy at the desk. (I have been informed that buying people is immoral and possibly - oh, I'm sorry - Very; I meant to say very illegal.)

I wonder how many of those Books did he read…

Oh, yes...books.... I used to love those.

I would never leave!!!!


Shepherd In The Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

We can’t know what he’s thinking, but there’s something very gentle in his expression.

I agree... he also seems to be reflecting on something from his past.

He has kind looking eyes

What a handsome shepherd.



So soft but strong.

What beautiful picture , I think he must see what his childhood or adulthood memories

Awe!!!! Bebe sheepie feels cold......adorable bebe.....

It's a sheep in shepherd's clothing!


My Dad And His Best Friend

Makes me miss my dad :( I bet he would have loved my new puppy.

Sorry for your loss :(

Definitely an old world master vibe about the lighting around the dog.

Honestly makes me feel better about having a low-quality camera--maybe one day I'll get my beautiful painting chance :)

What a beautiful picture


Camping In A Copse With The Early Morning Mist

Read that as corpse and will forever be haunted by the idea of camping in a corpse

Is this where they shot LotR? Looks like Fangorn.

I really got LOTR vibes as well from this.

Saw a similar copse while hiking in Wales once, but I was too wet to take any pictures...

What is a Copse? ( I read corpse also ⚰️)

I believe it's like a little group of trees, like a really tiny forest. I could be wrong though.

It needs a subject, I feel.

The gorgeous woods are the subject ;)


Showtime. Actors Prepare For An Opera Performance

The light 🥰

Chinese opera!

The Mikado, right?


Boat In The Fog

This looks more like Turner than anything renaissance

Yes. They should change the title to ‘…Accidental Renaissance/Dutch Master/Impressionist/Baroque/Neoclassical/ etc Painting’.

"Put the camera down and rescue us!"

Hey Bob? Yeah? Weren't their three guys on that boat over there just a minute ago? I didn't see nuthin.



Photo I Took In Venice, Italy


Stunning photograph. It does indeed look like a painting.

I thought it was a painting

So beautiful!

Oh my, looks like a watercolor paint!!


A Sunday In The Commons Of Boston (Photo By Me)

Georges Seurat vibes ! Post-Impressionist / chromoluminarist and pointillist French painter. Especially A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

I refuse to believe this was accidental. Just refuse. No way. (Which is my way of saying well done, an incredible recreation)

The hair of the girl in the middle looks like it’s glowing, I love it

Is that a 'washing line' full of colourful sheets in the background?

The one person in the middle is something straight from heaven. prove me wrong.

This seems so, I don’t know,…..uncommon ?


Hasidic Tish During Sukkot, Jerusalem

Hasidic Judaism: A conservative branch of Orthodox Judaism
Tish: A Tish,is a Shabbat or holidays gathering for Hasidic Jews around their Rabbi.
Sukkot: Sukkot is a Torah-commanded holiday celebrated for seven days. The holiday holds spiritual importance with regard to its abandonment of materialism to focus on nationhood, spirituality, and hospitality.
oy vey, Kanye!

If it wasn't for the camera or microphone, it would be very hard to accurately date this I imagine.

My thoughts, too.

Guy in the middle talking about how 10 pound hats give him headaches. Those are hats right? My second guess is wheels of cheese covered in fur but that doesn't seem quite right.

Beaver pelt hats.

Haha the guy in the middle. -facepalm-

I had to zoom in to make sure it wasn’t a painting.

"What have I done?!?"

The monthly meeting of the Chocolate Cake Hat Club.

This is such a wonderful photograph from the facial expressions to the composition and colour palette.

I love this !!!!

One of the best!

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