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In 2012 architect Hannes Coudenys began documenting quirky and ugly buildings in his native Belgium. These pics he posted on an Instagram account and a Facebook site called 'Ugly Belgian Houses” He is still doing so.

Some of those pics and reader comments have been posted in Bytes previously.

Asked in an interview why he thought Belgium in particular seemed to produce such eccentric architecture, he replied:
“The Dutch have been ruling us, France has been ruling us, we have always had to be brave little Belgians. We were finally being set free and subsidized to do what we want. After school, you find a girl, you get married, and you build your own house, and it’s not OK for it to look like the neighbours’ houses.”
I suppose that’s as good an explanation as any.

Here are some more recent pics from Hannes Courdenys’ Facebook page, with his headings and reader comments, at:


When you are a home alone and scared

Reader comments:

If you plan a wedding and later a divorce. Ideal division in the middle possible.

A beer too many

Well that escalated quickly

You're not my real house,
you're my stephouse!

At this point I am starting to consider this as Belgian heritage. πŸ˜†

When you can't afford that last quarter house and use outdoor steps to distract onlookers.

It's like they ran out bricks to finish the upstairs so decided to "style it out" to hide their miscalculation.

Our Lady of the Pointless Stairs

Strange looking house. 😱

The Maculate Conception of Mary

Stairway to heaven

Is it a chapel?
Is it a castle?
Is it a house?
Is it a fishermans place?

Mario bros home

The US had Barack. The first black president.
We have a barak. The first black shed.

The window πŸ™„

Some people have gingerbread houses, I have a Pizza Hut

It looks more like an anime figure with a square hat...

The architect went through the roof from excitement!

A cardboard box when the lid doesn't fit.

Never seen a house with the garage on top πŸ€”

Omg paint the roof red already 🀣

Home from the man with a hat 🎩

It’s wearing a hat

This makes me hungry πŸ˜‹

Beautiful little house I love it

When your baby is ugly, do you know it?

If you give it plenty of water and sun, it will grow to be a big house. Not?

Luxury doghouse...

No. Nature is kind. But if you KNOW your house is ugly, stick something uglier in front of it

So mean. So true.

This doesn’t add up

"I'm playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order" - Eric Morecambe (English comedian).

I am happy to disagree on that one as this house looks like a three layered chocolate cake actually in the right order: first dark, then milk, then white!

The bottom one is suspicious, the middle one is screaming, the blue one is hiding, and the top black one with horns and a third eye rules them all

Goths live in the attic

Yeah, just put the door on the first floor πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The lasagne house

Even the house itself seems freaked out by that look.

Doesn't look very Belgian...

German part of Belgium

What’s wrong, looks good to me!;)

May be an image of cake

Is that door the fire exit.

To the administrator of this page… time and time again I am angry and slightly frustrated at how denigrating you are towards homes that are equal to their owners and the energy and investment they put into this. All the more this without any foreknowledge of how something came about and to throw it in the public eye. where do you get this right? I find your attitude “haughty” and above all reprehensible and without any respect for people from society…

"I'm just going out the front doooooo."......splat!


Big Brother is watching...

The all seeing eye of Budha

Don’t trust that house!

Hedges have ears and walls have eyes. 🀫

Looks very suspicious...

It is not a house but a concrete bunker from WW II, camouflaged as a house.

It is concocting an evil scheme.

Not sure if penis or tetris

I see sideways Ts.

I will never be able to look at a window in the same way as before

Nice building

not much money to spend on windows

Not very good at tetris, though πŸ˜‚

Probably both

And on a separate note: no daylight please. In Dutch we call it ramenhater (window hater)

He's just happy to see you!

Or maybe a double middle fingerπŸ–•to good taste ?

How can any planning authority allow such things?

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