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Sent to me by Tony Z with the heading “I remember most of these. Do you?”

Thanks Tony.

Pics from Tony, comments by me . . .

Kaleidoscopes are still magic.

Do they still use these in shoe stores? Are there still shoe stores, apart from sports shops?

I had one of these to make your own stamps but not a John Bull one, that is British.

Wagon Wheels are still around (ha ha) but a lot smaller than our day – not only put the price up, make the product smaller.

For those not aware, this is what department stores (pre-supermarkets) looked like in our day: centre islands, most usually each having an attendant and cash register.

Ahh, glorious fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, heavily salted. Bliss.

School desk and school bag, I recall them.

What’s the radio from my childhood doing there and how did they get a photo of it?

We used the cartons when we found them as slide on arm bands.

The can opener from Hell

Our first toilet when we were kids was an outside pan toilet, not brick – you had to walk across wet grass at night (stepping on snails and slugs) to get to it and leave the door open to use the light from the moon. The smell was atrocious.

I had one of these. 4 flashes per Flash Cube.

It’s called a mangle. My mother’s washing machine had one on top to dry the washing before you put it on the clothesline out the back and propped up the line with a long branch, forked at the top,

My flared jeans had butterflies sewn onto the flares

Cobbler’s last, to fix and re-sole shoes at home

My mother sent my brothers and I to school with jam sandwiches for lunch, by that time the bread was soggy and unpalatable

The olld and reliable Brownie Box. I used one of these for many years. When the roll of film was finished you wound it back into its cassette, took it to the chemist who sent it away for developing. A week later you went in and obtained your photos.

Caps for shoe heel soles to stop wear

I have one of these on the wall in our laundry

So can I

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