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As long as the next aisle isn't Poland...

France probably wouldn't be happy either


Aha! That's why there were so many darn Germans in my local food store! I thought they were high as kites first but they were actually transmitting themselves all around.

Everything but the bottle was unchewed.

Those sprays don't work at all. I use Febreeze for fabric in a really strong scent and it works like a charm. My cats won't scratch on whatever it's sprayed on, either. Brilliant stuff.

Well yeah it works. . . hasn't chewed on anything else for quite awhile now. . .!

Bet that little (?) doggie got a surprise when the bottle finally broke. 😬🥴

I have many years of 0 experience

I actually have 19 years of 0 experience! Hope that's enough.

Yes, I have 1 year of 0 experience, but I don't speak United States, I speak Canada.

No wonder I was struggling

John at the jigsaw factory hates humanity

Is that a Bob Ross painting?

Same place, just post ice age

Close enough


Food may contain human flesh

Soylent Green, the Restaurant.

Chez Hannibal Lecter

Not you, Dahmer. Calm down.

Hannibal's Cannibal Cafe and Bistro...don't order rump roast, weiner schnitzel, or the spotted d**k..

Proofreading or reading proof?

Where do I get an application form? Asking for a friend.

Have you considered drug testing your graphic designer?

It took me way too long to get it lol

Do they want a relevant resume for this job too?

Hold my beer ...

Ah !! The Starbucks Drive - Thru (9 3/4) For Hogwarts Students

You're going to need to have a good run-up, and really step on that accelerator.

I'd get some blood looking stuff and throw it on that corner with a plastic skeleton

Here you actually need to drive thru something. Other drive-thus are for amateurs.

Job To Censor This Guy's Face

For anyone like me who didn’t get it at first, his face is reflected on the window

The instructions to the editor were to blur the perp’s face, no mention of reflections.

I see the reflection, but I want to know why the cop is smiling. . .!

Finished labelling the package, Boss

Sailboat biking is fun, until you get to the stern.

Did you know this product can be used for biking.

For all the Bi kings

Horse biking should be an olympic event.

It won't work, they'd just be horsing around

I'm going to need a thesaurus, to come up with synonyms for ‘stupid'.

biking has become really popular, it's taken over everything

I mean, it's not wrong

That depends on what you define as long. I'd say something is long if it exceeds one banana, but that's not going to fly here!

So how much are the long green things?

Who cares what they're called at less than a cent per pound! (should be $.78/lb or 78¢/lb). To be fair, I see this mistake regularly...

It actually doesn't say cents so you can assume the numbers after the decimal point refer to a fraction of a dollar.

They are neither long nor short. They are exactly banana length.

Marie Antionette?

It looks like something that would dispense champagne flavored PEZ.

Damn, now I want champagne flavoured PEZ!

Nearly torsoless Nicky.

French Revolution lady?

I’m sure he’ll be happy with this gift

I don't think his gift was as welcome as the son wanted it to be lol

I do newspaper layout. Our editors actively help us avoid nonsense like this.

A friend got me a subscription to Reader's Digest when I was in county jail. It came with a free set of ginsu knives. I never received even one of my knives!

Nice product placement!

Someone really hates kids

Or it's Pennywise. You never know....

nothing like a good challenge

Swoosh, down the rabbit hole

Wheeeeeeee! Off to Narnia!

hole in one!

And some without text and comments . . .

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