Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Email: Steve re Spike Milligan

An email from Steve:

I have a documentary about Spike Milligan where he recounts an amazing experience he had when touring Africa and tracing his Grandfather's steps (Grandad was a British soldier who fought against the Zulu's during the Zulu uprising in the 1880's). It seems that Spike and his wife were staying at a very up market hotel (can't remember where, would have to watch the documentary again) and when asked by the Head Waiter why he was in Africa, he recounted the story of his Grandfather's involvement in one particular battle over there. The Head Waiter disappeared for a few moments and returned with one of the kitchen hands - a Zulu who's own grandfather had apparently been in the same battle!  The Milligan's left early the next morning, and as they were driven through the gates of the hotel, there on a small hill by the entrance was the kitchen Hand, in full Zulu Battle Dress, chanting a Zulu war song in honour of one great soldier's grandson to another.

A lovely story, and it must have been so moving for Spike. One of life's magical moments.

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