Tuesday, March 16, 2010


From George:

Movies that fit your category (in my opinion) and deserve an honourable mention.

1. Snatch – A Guy Ritchie film – simply an awesome watch with British wit at it’s best and could possibly be my favorite movie. I would argue that Snatch, Guy Ritchie's second film is better than the first one, Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels, which in its own right is a great film worth a watch many times over.

2. Pulp Fiction – QT’s best effort.

3. Cars – A children's catoon. The level of detail, coupled with an old but tested storyline makes for a wonderful relaxing watch. Plus I have a small child and I have watched that movie at least 5 dozen times, in a row and I still find myself watching it from start to finish. The same can be said about most of the kids movies such as:
a. Madagascar 1 & 2
b. Shrek 1, 2 & 3
c. The Incredibles

4. Stripes – Bill Murray has done some great films and I am a big fan. I would put Groundhog Day third behind Stripes and Lost in Transaltion with Scarlett Johansson (what a goddess).

From Shirley:

Groundhog Day an absolute - another wonderful move – To Kill a Mockingbird – wonderful move, wonderful adaptation of an amazing novel – Gregory Peck perfectly cast as Atticus Finch.

From Maz:

Australia has never had farthings. They were UK. Although as a kid I can remember getting a few as novelty items.

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