Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quote: Mossy

If you haven't seen them on the TV, you will have seen their pics on the billboards around Sydney... Matt and Gabrielle Moss, aka Mossy and Gabe, the NSW reps on My Kitchen Rules.  (Yep, I admit watching it and that I like it).  For those who don't watch it, My Kitchen Rules is like Masterchef with couples instead of individuals, all amateurs, who compete in cooking against temas from the other States.  Mossy is a detective and Gabe is a solicitor in real life.  So much for the belief that coppers live on Maccas.

Unfortunately they got booted on Tuesday night's show, which was a cook-off to make it to the grand final.

Interviewed afterward, Mossy summed up the experience:

"We learnt so much about cooking and we got to travel around Australia, stay in the best hotels, drink the finest of wines and sample wonderful food. I feel like I've had a big kick in the arse from a rainbow."

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