Friday, March 19, 2010

Humour: Column 8


Some items on a continuing theme from Column 8 in this week's Sydney Morning Herald:

March 17:

''Travelling north from Sydney I noticed a sign which said 'The Entrance Exit', writes Robert Felton, of somewhere on the road. ''What a nice little oxymoron. What next? 'Orange Peel Off', or perhaps the 'Ipswich Turn Off'?''

March 18:

Yesterday's item about the ''The Entrance Exit'' highway sign reminded Peter Chrystie of Melbourne about the sign on the outskirts of the small town of Speed, in western Victoria, which reads ''Speed - Slow Down'', and Margaret Richards, of Mount Riverview, of the ''Young Senior Citizens Centre'', in, of course, Young. In a similar vein, Andrew Lishmund, of Castle Hill, has ''been trying to organise a trip through the Loire valley from Tours in France. Google can't seem to handle 'tours from Tours'. It's much simpler to search for 'day trips'.''

March 19:

Apropos of our item yesterday on the Young Senior Citizens Centre, Nick Flowers, of Chichester, England, informs us: ''In the village of Loose, near Maidstone, Kent, there is a sign proclaiming the Loose Women's Institute.'' Jennifer Dinneen raises the tone, slightly: ''I have a friend who lives in Fertile, Minnesota, who has six children, who was a member of the Fertile Women's Softball Association.''

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