Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 in Quotes - Australia


As we draw to the end of another year, it is of interest to look back on some issues, events and trends via quotations, Australia today and international over the next few days. . .

I'm a very happy little Vegemite being Prime Minister ... being Foreign Minister of Australia.  -- Kevin Rudd on ABC Central West, NSW.

“... that's how I consider them. Butt smellers.  -- Meatloaf on critics of his AFL grand final performance.

This is good news for Sheilas everywhere.   -- Prime Minister Julia Gillard to British Prime Minister David Cameron on changes to the Commonwealth law of succession.

"I can move my forehead again." -- Nicole Kidman, actress, admits she used Botox and didn't like it.

"I can tell already that you know, that everything I just said I lied about.  -- After recanting sex claims with Ricky Nixon, Kim Duthie apparently thought the interview with the 7pm Project was over.

“You have a true friend Down Under.”  -- Julia Gillard’s speech to the US Congress in Washington.

“This has been the longest of nights and we fear it will be the saddest of days.”  -- ABC's managing director, Mark Scott, after the Lake Eyre helicopter crash that killed journalist Paul Lockyer, camera operator John Bean and helicopter pilot Gary Ticehurst.

“The Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop... and says, 'Can you make me one with everything?'  -- TV interviewer Karl Stefanovic to the Dalai Lama, who looked non-plussed by the comment.

“As a Pacific nation the United States will play a larger and long-term role in shaping this region and its future.  Let there be no doubt. In the Asia Pacific in the 21st century, the United States of America is all in.”  -- Barack Obama in Australia

'I couldn't have asked for a better boyfriend'. I was a bit wary at first about how a knockabout Aussie bloke like Bill would fit in to such a camp extravaganza but he had a whale of a time.' -- Aussie Broadway star Tony Sheldon pauses to remember his The Adventure of Priscilla Queen of the Desert co-star Bill Hunter following his death in May.

“(I was) there for every minute ... Peeing in a bottle. I was like, honey, I have to go to the bathroom. (She said) ‘Someone get him a bottle.' “ -- Orlando Bloom tells how Aussie model wife Miranda Kerr wouldn't let him leave the delivery room during the birth of their son Flynn in January.

“I might look a little bit different, that's through hard work - not facelifts or ... tattooed eyeliner or whatever else I've meant to have had. And yes, I've got some good new moisturiser as well.”  -- Shane Warne addresses media in Sydney about his new look.

“Oh boy, this is a question I was trying to avoid. The thing is, I'm in a really good place in my life right now as far as my personal life goes. I'll keep the secrets of my relationship to myself.” -- Nick Jonas tries to avoid a question about his relationship with Aussie singer Delta Goodrem.

“As an Aussie it feels weird, I'm just waiting to get thrown out.” -- Hugh Jackman jokes when asked what it was like to be at Buckingham Palace for a reception put on by Queen Elizabeth.

“I have been an avid Oprah watcher for as long as I can remember, sharing laughs and tears with millions upon millions of viewers, all with whom she has touched in various ways. She has such a genuine compassion and intellect that is universally embraced. While I'm sad to watch this chapter in Oprah's career come to a close, I look forward to watching her legacy continue through OWN.” -- Australian actress Nicole Kidman on Oprah calling it quits on her talk show after 25 years.

“It was delightful working on Mildred Pierce. I got to have sex with Kate Winslet many, many times.” -- Guy Pearce accepting the Emmy Award for supporting actor in a mini-series for his performance in Mildred Pierce.

“It's sad that I even have to defend that but I guess that's what you get when you live your life on a reality show. Khloe had to go through the same thing when she got married after knowing someone a couple of days.” -- Kim Kardashian talks to the Australian media about her divorce and says it's tough knowing people think her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries was just a publicity stunt.

“Thinking of going out in Sydney Tonight. How I wish we had a show. NEVERMIND, don't listen to me. Maybe I'll just go for a walk in the pARQ.” -- Lady Gaga used her twitter account to cryptically announce two surprise shows at clubs Nevermind and Arq in Sydney.

“You can keep the meat dress and the firecracker tits - mermaid's mine.” -- Singer Bette Midler accuses eccentric pop star Lady Gaga of copying her 'mermaid in a wheelchair' routine during a performance in Sydney.

“If we can de-stigmatise this disease once and for all, we are really going to beat this disease. This is not a faggots' fing disease anymore. This is a worldwide disease that affects everybody.” -- Elton John speaking at a World AIDs Day event in Sydney.

“We wish Jeff a speedy recovery, and look forward to his return back on stage to get some much deserved rest by sleeping on the job like he normally does!” -- The Wiggles wish Jeff Fatt well on their Facebook page following his heart surgery.

“This time I'm going to remember this shit.” - Eminem addresses the crowd at his first Australian show in 10 years.

"I'm determined to price carbon. History teaches us that the countries and the economies who prosper at times of historic change are those who get in and shape and manage the changes. The time is right and the time is now."  -- Julia Gillard announces her Government's plan for a carbon tax.

"Look, I just think that everyone needs to pop a mogadon here. The answer to your question is no."
-- Mr Rudd, denying that colleagues were urging him to challenge Ms Gillard's leadership.

"Somehow, you have to find time to have open and consultative dialogue with members of the party - which I didn't."  -- Mr Rudd reflects on his political axing and lessons learned.


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