Thursday, December 8, 2011

Men of Sydney

Yesterday I posted some photographs of Women of Sydney (not strictly correct in that some of the women were from elsewhere but pictured in Sydney).  Today, in the interests of equality, there are some pics of the Men of Sydney.  The pics of both the men and women have been selected to show not only the persons, their appearances and style of dress, but also the period, the society and the events of those times.  Enjoy.

Mounted police at the corner of Elizabeth Street and King Street, Sydney, 1890.  The building behind the police officers is the old Suporeme Court building, which has featured in an earlier post on Bytes.  The area which shows the sign for Canterbury Races was resumed in 1969 to build the University of Sydney Law School.
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In 1900 an outbreak of bubonic plague occurred in Sydney.  Measures to combat it included demolition and clean up of the slum areas and the payment of a bounty on rates captured and killed.  These were subsequently incinerated in a rat incinerator.  The bounty led to teams of professional rat catchers going out after the rodents each night, some rat catchers above displaying the night’s catch.

Sydney Markets 1911-1916

Building labourer on a stone being hoisted up to building, Pitt St, Sydney, c. 1930s.  No OHS then.

Gangs of men on relief work during the depression, 1930s.  Note the bare feet used with shovels.

Tin can used as a floatation device in learn-to-swim class, Domain Baths, c. 1930s

Bondi surf lifesavers, date unknown.

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