Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas: Kylie Baby

Last week I queried whether Christmas was dying out, both in observance of its religious significance and in its secular celebration, especially in relation to the past emphasis on commercialism.  I also raised the issue as to whether it is now JAH - just another holiday.  Whatever your views on those issues, as we approach Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I will post a short item relating to Christmas.  In some cases they will be references to past Bytes posts - I never tire of some of those items and they are as much a part of Christmas, at least for me, as putting up a tree.

The first of such items:  Kylie Minogue singing the definitive version of Santa Baby.  IMHO hers is the best.

A previous post about Kylie and Santa Baby is at:

See the video clip at:

Some other versions:
Taylor Swift -
Madonna -
Eartha Kitt -
Shakira -
Miss Piggy -

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  1. I thought Kylie's version was good, she is a very sexy lady, however, for me you cannot beat Eartha Kitt's version. It's that purring thing she does. No idea why but Kitt's version reminds me more of Christmas, same thing for the old black and white Christmas films. Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim far better than any other version. Maybe I'm just an old soul.
    Another odd thing and I really don't know why, but Doris Day flims always remind me of Christmas especially the ones with Rock Hudson. Also Dean Martin singing "White Christmas" and I know I will probably be attacked over this, but in my opinion Dean Martin was a far better singer than Frank Sinitra.
    That said I wish you all Merry Christmas! MUAH!!!!!


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