Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Humour


It wouldn’t be Christmas without a reference to two funny clips:

Ding! Fries are Done is a parody of the Christmas carol song Carol of the Bells It is sung by a mysterious singer only known as “Billy.” The parodied lyrics mention tasks at an average work shift at a local fast food branch, including making french fries and wearing paper hats.  It is a single off a 1993 album called A Very Spastic Christmas and is regarded as non PC in various quarters.

See it at:

Family Guy has had Peter singing the song in the same setting

(Celtic Woman singing the real Carol of the Bells is worth a look.  See it at:

The other clip is what is now a classic:  Santa, who has had too many egg nogs,  getting busted for “snow from the North Pole”.Anyone who has ever watched Cops will recognise the format.  “I know where you live.  I will take you out, and I don’t mean on a date.”  

See it at:

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