Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mick Corby


I am presently reading Eamonn Duff’s book Sins of the Father, which was given to me for my birthday.  It is, to quote the words on the cover of the book, “the untold story behind Schapelle Corby’s ill-fated drug run”.   

For overseas readers, Schapelle Corby is an Australian woman serving a 20 year sentence in a prison in Bali for trying to import 4.2kgs of high grade cannabis into Bali.  Convicted in 2005, she has always maintained her innocence and ran a defence that the cannabis was planted in her boogie board bag. With remissions, she will be eligible for parole in 2024 when she will be aged 46.

A paragraph in the early part of the book about her father, Mick, in his younger days had me chuckling:
Noel Vinall remembers very clearly Mick getting busted by the cops for possessing pot in the early 1970’s.  He says: ‘There’s quite a funny story behind one of those early marijuana convictions.  Mick was on his motorbike, high as a kite, when he smashed straight into the back of a parked car.  He was lying there on the ground.  His leg was messed up and broken and he couldn’t move.  He was going nowhere.  Mick was on his back and as he stared upwards, he could see someone standing over the top og him looking down.  His vision was all over the place, but he could see there was someone standing there.  So he shoves his hand in his pocket and pulls out a bag of grass.  He then holds it up to this fella peering over him and says, “Quick, mate, hide this before the coppers come.”  The bloke standing over him took the grass and said:  “thanks, mate – I am the police and you are under arrest.” ‘

Mick and Schapelle Corby


  1. Unfortunately, I'm afraid you've paid for a crock of the proverbial. Google each in turn:

    Eamonn Duff

    Eamonn Duff sins of the father

    . . . and then click on the top link in each search result to see why.

    The following interview has just appeared on Expendable.TV

  3. Sorry, but... yeah, you've been given a crock of shit, for a birthday present.

  4. all lies, Eammon Duff is just another vulture making money out of Schapelle Corby. see the truth at

  5. What a load of bull. Sins of the Father my fat aunt....I had no intention of buying that trash but it came to my attention that Ammon Duff had mentioned me and other members of my family. In just two pages there are at least eight things that are not true. I know this to be fact because It is me and my family he is talking about. What my childhood has to do with Schapelle is beyond me...
    If the Corby's are so well known to police and have been for years, why have they never been questioned and/or arrested. Use your brains people for God sake.

    Carolyn Hatton ----

  6. All the people commenting on here are either connected to the family or part of an anti-Government conspiracy cult called the Expendables. These trolls plague websites everywhere and have launched a constant crusade against the author and anyone who dares to question Schapelle's tiresome cries of innocence. There is more than enough evidence in this book to sink Schapelle and her father, no question.

  7. Read genuine reviews from people who have actually bought the book:

  8. Over many years I have studied the cases of people supposedly wrongly convicted and I have to agree that many innocent people languish in prisons around the world. I try to keep an open mind, as I have done with the Corby case for almost 10 years. But Sins of the Father was an apt title. An alternative title could have The Corby Family Home - Disfunction Junction. This was a disfunctional family, so accustomed to drugs and crime that they saw themselves as normal, thereby making arrest and imprisonment as unjust in their eyes. There may have been some persuasion, but Corby knew she was carrying drugs.

  9. The 2014 telemovie should be interesting . . .


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