Thursday, January 26, 2012

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The Lone Ranger post is another example of not being able to predict what people find of interest.  I had a number of emails about the Lone Ranger, such as Arthur’s: “You are making me feel old.”  Others mentioned recalling the show. 

I also received an email from Byter Charles: 
Dave Parker is a friend of mine from California, and he was the voice of the announcer " From out of the past ...etc, etc.." He is a wonderful guy and still does an annual show at our club in San Francisco, The Family, and the show is called Radio Days.   I don't think that his correction is worth putting into an additional Byte notice, but i wanted you to know that your Bytes are getting international attention!
Thanks Charles.
As a further homage to the Lone Ranger, Dave Parker et al and those thrilling days of yesteryear, today’s Funny Friday comprises Lone Ranger humour.

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