Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tennis Grunts


Does anyone else get seriously pissed off at having to listen to women tennis players grunting when you watch the tennis? 

Today's Australian Open Women's Final will be between Sharapova and Azarenko, the two loudest grunters in the game.  Watching a game with either of them is annoying, what will it be like with both?

For those not familiar wiuth the grunting, click on the following links:



My reason in mentioning it is to quote Peter Ustinov, who was once asked what he thought of Monica Seles's grunting.

Seles registered 93.2 decibels on the "gruntometer", compared with 101.2 decibels of Sharapova, the loudest in tennis today.

Ustinov's comment:  "Monica Seles: I'd hate to be next door to her on her wedding night."

Maria Sharapova

Victoria Azarenko

Monica Seles

Peter Ustinov


  1. I cannot enjoy a event where the contestants are clearly trying to put there opponent off with something other than their skill at the game. (The screams are always AFTER they have played the shot.) The rules say it is not cheating but my sense of right and wrong says it is. So I have simply stopped watching ladies tennis.

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