Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bad Day


This is the item that I was going to post when the Vegas sadness and horror took place.

There are some funny moments in the photographs below that had me laughing, especially the last 2 pics.  Hopefully it will do the same for you.

A reprint from the Daily Mail at:

The people having a worse day than you! People share their everyday mishaps in amusing Snapchats that will make you feel better about your life

Think you're having a bad day? Casting your eyes over this set of life fails will make you feel better about your existence.

People have shared their most amusing and frustrating life fails on Snapchat for the world to see - and their captions only add comedy value to their misfortune.

From factory workers who have dropped hundreds of eggs on the floor to those who mistook a bottle of moisturiser for their alarm clock, this online gallery of Snapchats proves some people are having a much worse day than you are.

They're not egg-static about their day! People have shared their daily life fails in hilarious Snapchats - including factory workers who dropped eggs all over the floor - and they're sure to make you feel better

Most people have experienced the utter pain of seeing the snack you paid for get stuck in a vending machine so spare a thought for this person.

A builder who was transporting some magnolia paint in the boot of his car gave his vehicle a new look in the process 

Rather than attempting to retrieve his trampoline, this man decided to capture it on camera instead 

Many of the pictures, which were accompanied by hilarious captions, were shared by random people mocking the misfortune of others 

A man with a broken leg managed to see the funny side of a cruel fortune cookie message

A man who tried to capture a selfie with an angry bird was taught a lesson - and luckily the moment was captured on camera.

This youngster who asked for cold hard money for his birthday was less than amused when his sassy mother gave him quite literally that 

Rather than call the fire brigade, this amused Snapchat user decided to share the incident with his followers

A father hoping to enjoy a day out with his daughter managed to see the funny side when he accidentally sent her flying head first into the pit

One employee who thought he'd been gifted a delicious chocolate snack was less than impressed after taking a bite out of it 

Rather than stop by and offer to help, this amused Snapchat user decided to capture his neighbour's misfortune on camera 

Many of the laugh-out-loud images include the biggest animal fails - including this rogue cat who left his owner's home in absolute disarray 

Someone captured the rather morbid moment a coffin fell out of the back of someone's boot 

An employee hoping to treat their colleague to a delicious chocolate birthday cake presented them with this 

Rather than help his sister out, this cruel brother decided to taunt her appliance fail via the medium of Snapchat instead

This girl trying to capture the perfect snap of her seaside snack unknowingly managed to capture something even better than she bargained for

What started off as a great day for this woman quickly turned into one of the worst

A self-deprecating student managed to see the funny side of her being cropped from the yearbook photo 

A student really misunderstood the topic of their assignment - with hilarious result

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