Monday, October 9, 2017

Readers Write



Brett's Monthlies:

From sister in law Pip in respect of Brett’s dates and special occasions for October:
Hi Otto.  
I enjoyed the mustard article, and loved the list of wacky months and days. But you forgot National Sausage Roll week, popularised by none other than the lovely Kate. I always think a good one is worth celebrating.  
Love Pip
Thanks, Pip

The backstory is that Kate, my wife and Pip’s sister, hails from Canberra, which gets colder than . . . *

Kate now lives in much more temperate Sydney but back in her days In Canberra, a work colleague would declare at least once weekly during the colder months that it was National Sausage Roll Week. He then bought sausage rolls and treated the office.

Takes your pick . . . 

“Colder than the nipple on a witch's tit
Colder than a bucket of penguin shit
Colder than a hair on a polar bear's ass
Colder than the frost on this champagne glass.”
- Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

Colder than a mother in law’s kiss.

Colder than my ex-wife’s heart.

Colder than moonlight on a tombstone.

Colder than a landlord’s heart.

David Zinn's art:

In respect of the chalk art of David Zinn:

From Tobye P . . .
Hi Otto, these chalk drawings are so fun and imaginative. I hate that they get washed way-but thanks for sharing the pics!  
Regards, Tobye 
. . . and from Wayne B:

The art is always great - shows how to do 3D that looks real - keep the street art going please.

Wayne B
Thanks, Tobye and Wayne


Pics from Graham:

Some emailed pics from Graham E, below.

Thanks Graham.

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