Sunday, October 15, 2017

Remember when . . .


Continuing, some memories of the past . . .

Public telephones:

Back in the days before mobile telephones, we had public telephones.

The earliest ones I remember looked like this:

Coins were inserted at the top and the number dialled. If a person answered at the other end, you pushed Button A. If not, you pushed Button B and the coins were returned. I used to carry a box of coins with me to court in case I need to call my office or anyone connected with the case that had me at court.

Our early house phone was the old Bakelite version:

And who remembers the first mobile phones that resembled a house brick:

My friend had the model that predated the above, the one you carried slung over a shoulder with the carriage:

Some other thoughts . . .

(Hey Wayne, remember when I did this to you? And you responded?)


I typed my university assignments on one of these . . .

. . . although I did replace it with one of these in my later uni years . . .

The first office I worked in used manual typewriters, including clunkers like the first one above. All commercial leases, Wills, deeds etc had to be typed individually in full, that is why people made codicils to Wills. Then limited memory typewriters were developed which could recall some paragraphs.

Changing a font was possible by using a golf ball typewriter and changing the golf ball . . .

Each typewriter had an eraser tied to it with pink legal ribbon:

When you wanted to erase one letter, you folded apiece of scrap paper in half, cut a small triangular hole which became a diamond shaped hole when the paper was opened. This was then placed over the offending letter so that only that letter was erased. The space then had to be correctly aligned to insert the correct letter but it made a real mess of the carbon copies.

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