Tuesday, October 24, 2017


You may have thought that Trumpkin referred only to the character in C S Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia and, until recently, you would have been right. Trumpkin is the dwarf who has a major role in the Prince Caspian book and film:

By the way, that’s Peter Dinklage as Trumpkin in the film. Dinklage these days is better known as Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones:

The advent of The Donald has sen that term widened, not to:

, , , but to Halloween pumpkins carved to look like Donald Trump. Scary, I know.

The trend started in 2015 when artist Jeanette Paras carved a pumpkin to look like Trump:

Paras also did other celebrities:

It was her Trump pumpkin which inspired other people, who saw in the shape and colouring of the pumpkins the basic appearance of The Donald, to emulate her work for Halloween.

Here is a selection of Trumpkins:

A lifesize Trumpkin scarecrow has become a tourist attraction in Carmel

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