Sunday, March 11, 2018

20 of . . . More Haiku

It's a while since Bytes has had some haiku (haikus?).  We had a look at more limericks not long ago so her are some haikus, haiku, poems with 5-7-7 syllables.  Btw there is one from me, see if you can work out which it is,.

My breakfast today,
bacon, eggs, and ice water.
I feel so healthy.

Lots of guilt to share.
What am I doing wrong now?
-       A Jewish mother.

How many light bulbs
Does it take to screw a shrink?
Oh, got it backwards.

Only so many
Hours. And so much to get done.
Think I’ll take a nap.

I met a man, Stan.
His nature is Afghani.
Yes! Afghanistan.

Expand your mind. Get.
To work. Better yet, put your.
Feet up. Watch TV.

People reading Bytes
All over the world each day.
Strangers but still linked. 

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