Sunday, March 4, 2018

Brett's Monthly, Major Winchester


March special days . . . 

Brett was late with his monthly due to his attention being on car troubles. He tells me that his car is now fixed and his monthly is regular again. It appears below. Click on the special days to read more about them. 

March, 2018 Bizarre and Unique Holidays

  • Irish American Month
  • Music in Our Schools Month
  • National Craft Month
  • National Frozen Food Month
  • National Irish American Heritage Month- designated by Congress in 1995.
  • National Nutrition Month
  • National Peanut Month
  • National Women's History Month
  • Red Cross Month
  • Social Workers Month
Did you Know? March was named for the Roman God "Mars"
Week Celebrations:
  • 2and Week National Bubble Week
  • 2and Week Crochet Week
March, 2018 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:
Purim - begins at sundown
Employee Appreciation Day first Friday in March
National Salesperson Day - first Friday in the month
World Day of Prayer - First Friday of the month
Oscar Night - date varies
Popcorn Lover's Day second Thursday
11 Worship of Tools Day - guys, you can relate
14 National Pi Day- Why today? Because today is 3.14, the value of Pi.
16 Incredible Kid Day - date varies
17 National Quilting Day - third Saturday of month
17 Submarine Day - the hero sandwich or the boat??
20 National Agriculture Day - date varies
20 Tea for Two Tuesday - third Tuesday in March
25 Palm Sunday - date varies
30 Good Friday - date varies

Thanks, Brett.

Major Winchester has left the building . . . 

David Ogden Stiers (pronounced Styers), better known as Major Winchester in M*A*S*H (who came in when Major Frank Burns departed the show) died at his home in Newport, Oregon, on March 3, 2018, at the age of 75, from bladder cancer. 

Remember how in the show’s finale, Goodbye, Farewell and Amen, Winchester trains the 5 North Korean musicians to play a Mozart piece, only to find they have been killed when transported out. He places his record of trhat piece on, listens for a short time, then smashes the record.  Sad.   Recall also that Winchester loved listening to his classical music. 

It turns out that Stiers: 
  • had conducted 70 orchestras over the world in over 100 appearances; 
  • was resident conductor of the Newport Symphony Orchestra in Newport, Oregon; 
  • had also conducted orchestras in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto.
 Goodbye, Farewell and Amen, Major Winchester.

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