Sunday, March 18, 2018

Readers Write and Clever Business Names

Readers Write:

From Kara O in response to the collection of haiku: 

Fresh air. Too bright sun.
Restless. Haunted. Fingers twitch.
Keyboard. Daily fix! 

That's all. Say no more.
Woman of few words today.
Otto strikes again. 

Thanks. Kara 

From Steve M, in response to the collection of feelgood moments: 

Today’s Bytes, 
In a word, beautiful. 
In two words, congratulations Otto 
In three words, really powerful stuff 

Thanks, Steve. 

From Tobye P in response to the same post: 

You made me cry Otto-but in a good way! 
Paul Harvey specialized in this kind of reporting-there is much good in the world-but sometimes it gets crowded out by all the bad news. It’s important to note that it goes the other way too. 
Thanks so much for sharing-looking forward to more heart-warmers! 
Regards, Tobye 

Thanks, Tobye.

Some more tomorrow.

20 of . . .  Clever Business Names:

Leo sent me an email with a collection of witty business names. Here are 20 of Leo’s, more to come from other sources as well . .


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