Saturday, August 4, 2018

5 X 5: The works of various artists



Sergio Odeith is a 42 year old Portuguese artist known for a style of graffiti referred to as anamorphic art, whereby compositions are created in perspective and painted on different surfaces, such as 90º corners or from the wall to the floor, creating an optical illusion effect. He has also created large scale murals and lately has begun painting large 3D street art insects. 

An example of anamorphic letters by Odeith 

Charleston, South Carolina, anamorphic letters. 

A mural by Odeith, being his commentary on Britain’s Brexit departure from the EU 

An Odeith larger than life insect. 


Alexey Kondakov:

Alexey Kondakov is a Ukrainian artist and designer whose latest work is a project called Art History in Contemporary Life Kondakov takes figures from classical paintings and inserts into scenes from everyday life in places such as Naples and Kiev. The juxtaposition can be humorous, confronting or poignant, as these examples show. 



CJ Hendry:

Catherine Jenna Hendry is a 30 year old contemporary Australian artist known for hyper-realistic, large-scale, black and white renderings of luxury objects using a self-developed scribbling technique. She has had no formal art training and lately has begun using colour, which she says “is very difficult, because you've got to use multiple different colours to create one." Her series Complimentary Colours comprises works that recreate the appearance of thick swabs of brightly coloured paint. 


Pippa Dyrlaga:

Pippa Dyrlaga is a Yorkshire based artist who uses a scalpel and xacto knife to create beautiful, incredibly detailed paper cuts of plants, animals, and abstract designs. She began paper cutting in 2010, a year before completing her Masters degree in art and design and curation at Leeds Metropolitan University. 


Clio Newton:

Clio Newton is an American artist currently residing in Zürich. She combines her conceptual background with a larger-than-life approach to hyperrealism, creating simultaneously sensitive and powerful images of women. She is currently working on a series of larger-than-life portraits of women portrayed entirely with compressed charcoal, the results are quite amazing. 

Maria and Fusun, Oil 

Nina (detail). Charcoal on paper


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