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Genius Solutions, Part 1


Regular readers will know that I have from time to time posted pics and readers’ comments from a very entertaining website called Bored Panda. Today’s item is in the same vein – headings, pics and comments – insofar as the items are too good not to share. 

The post on Bored Panda is called 50 Genius Solutions To Everyday Problems That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed and it van be accessed by clicking on: 

When you look at the solutions featured you will either think that they are so obvious that you wonder why it hasn’t been done before, or you are amazed at the innovation and great ideas. 

Here are are selections, with reader comments . . . 

A Discreet Way Of Calling For Help 

Reader comments: 

This should be common practice at every health center. 

If it was common practice, then the abusers would know - and the victims would be too afraid to use the red marker in front of them... 

Great, but only if your partner lets you go see your doctor. 

This is a brilliant idea. 

My healthcare provider always asks my partner to leave the room for a few minutes on all of my appointments. I thought this was common practice? 

How The Ruins Are Displayed In Serbia 

That is cool! 

I have seen places in the UK that have done this using VR on people's phones so they can actually walk around the reconstruction rather than stand in only one place. Very cool stuff. 

Those windows exist in all European countries and can be found in previously fortified cities with remains of the walls and gates.. 

I've seen a similar thing in France. What a great idea! 

I like this but in some cases I still think some ruins should be restored to their former glory. 

The problem is who decides what they are reconstructed to when we don't really know what they would have looked like? (I worked as a professional archaeologist for 20+ years, and this was a big issue.) 

Knowing my country, that glass panel would be shattered as soon as it was put up. 

Have graffiti sprayed on it or shot with a gun (US) 

In Norway, You Get A Small Amount Of Money For Recycling Bottles/Cans. A Lot Of Our Trash Cans Have These Holders So Poor And Homeless People Don't Have To Search Through The Trash To Collect Them 

Because of this, my brother put a bottle next to a trash can once and he got fined 50€ for that 🀦🏽‍♀️ 

The problem with doing that, is that you'll risk the bottle roll away from the bin and end up somewhere else. 

What the hell? That's awful! Indeed, our bins here say "Pfand geht daneben!", meaning that all those cans and bottles should be put next to the bins. 

Was that perhaps in a country that does not have "Pfand" for Recycling bottles? Otherwise it should of course be common sense to put sich bottles next to the bin, not into it 

There have been trials of that in Germany and result was that people, seeing the "trash" next to the bin, just threw their own trash next to it instead of into the bin. This Norwegian solution looks like it might not suffer from the same issue. 

This Furniture Hardware Is Sorted By Step Rather Than By Type 

I know myself... I would open everything at the same time 

To be fair, the first step in many instructions for things like this is to inventory all the parts to see if anything is missing before you start putting the thing together. 

Where is step 3? *panicking* 

Not all steps will require hardware. 

Watch and learn IKEA!!! 

This would have been so much easier when setting up the kids swing set. 

LEGO does the same thing 

I don't want to know about anything that requires that many screws to put together. 

Ever tried assembly instructions written in China ? 

Just need to use a more easily recyclable packaging 

They Put Rails Under The Benches In This Park So You Can Always Be In The Shadow 

Pfft, shade, shmade. I wanna go toot toot on the bench train. 

Me too, it looks so fun to be on! 


That'd be me happy for hours! All aboard! Choo choo! 

I'm going to do this in my garden so I can scoot along and tend to my plants. 

This is the most genius thing I’ve ever seen! 

So odd - I'd always be looking for the sunny spot! 

The rails are dirty and full of stones, I doubt it can move now. 

Wouldn't it be cheaper to just install multiple benches? 

Our Refrigerator Has Revolving Levels So You Can Reach Everything Easily 

Whilst in one way it is convenient, the fact that the fridge is round means it wastes space. 

I wouldn't call it a "waste" if it saves so much time and energy, but your point is valid. 

I designed one like this for a project in college (I'm a graphic designer), and my teacher said it looked great but would be a nightmare to engineer. It was also penguin-shaped, and had a tiny fridge on its head! 

Looks great, but I'm not sure it's so great in reality. Looks like a nightmare to clean, the round shape means it won't fit in most kitchens, and it looks like an extremely poorly insulated design, so it fails on energy efficiency too. 

I've also never had a fridge so big that I couldn't reach the back of the shelf - and I always try to buy as big a fridge as possible. 

Yes! no more removing 14 things get to the milk! 

That’s why the milk goes in the rack on the inside of the door! 

Forgetting about something at the back of the fridge for 2 years 

Ok, I love this but wouldn't it look awkward in a standard kitchen? Edit- nevermind. I just realized the whole unit isnt circular. I'll take 2 please! 

It is. Look at the edging along the top. 

And clean up that sticky stuff that's been on the shelf for umpteen months. 

Another case of "Why did I not have this idea?!" 

Good for small spaces, however, where's the freezer compartment? 

Great, but you use a little too much force and those bottles will go flying 

where do you get it and what is it called? 

GE made something very similar in the 1950's, called the GE Combination Here is a good look at one:

No more stuff rotting at the back of the shelf! 

It's convenient, but what a waste of space! 

Crosswalk Projected On A Dirty Winter Road 

Actual genius 

This would provide great visibility all year round! At least in my country, the paint comes off after couple of months so unless you aren't familiar with the area, there is no way you can know where crosswalks are most of the time. 

Now that is genius. Too bad they don't have that for all the lines. I know that I've been straddling the line in bad snowstorms, but can't really tell. I wish they could project them from the streetlights. 

I get that it works well on snow, but they should be on all roads at night... 

Although not much use in Russia as most drivers ignore crosswalks, and road signs and pretty much all traffic laws and regulations as well as often driving while intoxicated. 

Note to my wife, Kate: 
That is why I like watching Stop a Douche Bag. 
Well worth watching for a look at social action to prevent douche bag drivers using the sidewalks as roadways in Russia and to look at Russian society. Link: 

That could be implemented on more places. Like parking lots. 

Snow is so beautiful at first...then this. Great cross walk. 


Does anyone know which country this is? 

Because this is going to make such a difference in Russia.. they see pedestrians as bonuspoints.. 


The sign "caution children" is in Russian, so probaby yes 

These Notched Chairs To Hold Bags 

It’s so stupidly brilliant it almost angers me it hasn’t been done more. 

Seriously..... i get so frustrated when my purse falls on the dirty floor 

Love the idea, but even better with a latch on it to stop your bag from being stolen. 

Yeah, like a latch that is usually open, but when you sit on the chair a mechanism would then close the latch making impossible to be removed by someone else. Hey, wanna go into business together?! 

I'm sure my bag gets dirty but it goes on the floor in front of my legs so it isn't stolen from being an easy target on a seat. but with the notch it is probably a bit harder to steal 

This isn't a good idea in a public situation. So easy to dip the bag, and if the person isn't leaning back, to lift it off while an accomplice distracts everyone. I've worked in restaurants. 

Great for thieves. 

These Public Benches Are Reversible, So You Can Choose To Look At People, Or Boats 

Boats boats boats 

I'd choose boats any day 

I remember riding a ferry in Penang Malaysia which had these reversible benches a long time ago. The ferry never turn itself around because it can be driven in both ways (forward and reverse); making these benches necessary. 

These are great. If the bench is full of oldies, you just swipe the back across and you have space to rest : ) 

People watching is more fun 

The funny thing is that benches like these, with a back that you can flip over to face one way or the other, have been around since at least the early 1500s! Also, BOATS! 

And here in America they design our benches so that they are impossible for homeless people to sleep on. 

Oooh this is my hometown, Whangarei, New Zealand.... little thrills hehe 

That's a dilemma if you want to look at people on boats. Hmm, I might be wrong. :D 

Wait till two people sit there with opposing views 

They have had these in my towns for years. The specific spots happen to have both amazing sunrises and sunsets so the adjustable benches let people enjoy the views comfortably 

Why not just put 2 benches? There's enough space and more people can sit. 

Umm, I can see two benches. 

This Shirt Has A Piece Of Lens Cloth Sewn On The Inside For Your Glasses 

I can SEE myself using that πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ 

I don't. I can't see anything if I'm not wearing my glasses. 

Most fishing shirts have this feature. It is very handy. 

I own a t-shirt like this. Now I know what the little cloth is for. Thanks! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ 

Anything that makes me say spontaneously "Well Holy S**t!" aloud must be a good idea. 

My Helly Hansen winter coat has a small zipper pocket on the inside left wrist, and I didn’t notice it until I bought it. It has a cloth like this on a string inside that is detachable so you can wipe your snow goggles 

Common feature in mountain biking jerseys 

wth??? why is this not on every shirt everywhere???? 

This Soap Bottle Lists A Purpose For Each Ingredient 

Now I have something mildly interesting to read in the shower besides having made-up debates in my head that will never happen. 

I'm probably guilty of wasting quite a bit water because of all the time I spend thinking about random stuff in the shower. 

It's dishwashing detergent! 

Please everyone, try not to waste water. 😭 I live in rural Australia and we are in drought - I put my washing water on my garden just so it gets a minuscule scrap to drink. We need rain so badly. 

I mean ... yay? But the problem is a lot of those chemicals (PEGs, in particular) are horrible for your health. Better to use a product without them. 

And it's alphabetical 

All products should have that. 

Dawn is famous for being used to clean animals trapped by oil spills 

Yes, though worryingly the Environmental Working Group gave Dawn a 'D' grade because of it containing methylisothiazolinone, which is a "High Concern: acute aquatic toxicity; Some Concern: skin irritation/allergies/damage. They have to ensure it is carefully diluted of course. 

A trifle alarmed by the length of that list. 

If You’re An Elderly Or Disabled, You Will Receive A Card That Enables You To Cross The Road With A Longer Countdown Time (Singapore) 

I wish they had these in the UK. 

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have made recommendations for local councils to increase times and there are initiatives in some areas. It is happening, just needs to be more widespread. 

It would be cool to have this for school cross guards too when kids cross the street in big groups 

this is so nice and thoughtful! 

I have a mixed feeling about this one..of course it is good to have this, yet at the same time other side of me can't help but think how rushed world we are living in, that even a traffic signal does not keep green long enough for elderly / slow-walker to be able to cross safely without rush.. 

My Spatula Has A Little Stand So It Doesn’t Touch The Counter 

What a beautiful counter! 

Alas it's not very useful: hard to notice a spilled water or any crumbs on the surface... 

And hang it on the rim of the pot! neat! 

Wait so that’s what the thing is for, we have a spatula like that and I was always confused as to why. Now that you think about it I really should’ve realized 

Yeah but it still drips on the counter 

I didn't even know I needed this until this post. Get in my life spectacular spatula! 

lots of them have those? 

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