Sunday, January 24, 2021

READER WEEK: Tina Krauss



Having looked up the items and material to make up Readers Week, I realise that I have more than just a week’s worth. This week will therefore be Readers Week Part 1, with more Reader Weeks to follow. 

Another point is that they are in the order received, but working backwards. Mots recent first. Some of the later items may have a connection to Christmas or other earlier dates. 

Today’s item is the result of an email from Sue P, who regularly sends me suggestions and snippets. Thanks Sue. 

Sue’s email says simply: 

Love the flights of fancy captured with a sharp blade and steady hand 

The above link is to the website of Tina Krauss, which has the following quick bio: 

I’m Tina Kraus, a freelance illustrator and paper artist living in Münster, Germany. 

I specialize in live-like and detailed paper sculptures of animals and plants made out of crepe paper, but also paper engineering for pop-ups and paper toys. 

The work with paper as a medium fascinates me because it is so versatile and easily obtainable. I constantly experiment with it and develop new ways to work with it. 

I studied illustration in Münster, Germany, where I live now. I also lived in Seoul, South Korea for a few months as an exchange student. 

My paper artwork includes pop-up books, paper toys and paper objects and since 2017 lifelike Crepe Paper Sculptures. I also do children’s book, editorial, non-fiction, Pattern and Stationery illustration. 

When I’m not crafting or illustrating, I am either cooking some delicious food or exploring the world on my bicycle. I love bikepacking, vegan mexican and korean food but I hate cucumbers and bell peppers. 



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