Wednesday, January 27, 2021

READERS WEEK: The Miniatures of Jacki Gordon

Continuing Readers Week.

An email from Rob T:

You might like these …. !! 

Best, Rob T 

Thanks Rob. 

The above link is to an article about Glasgow artist Jacki Gordon, who creates and then photographs miniature scenes using everyday foods items. Gordon is a research and evaluation consultant specialising in mental health and wellbeing, her sculptures and photographs being strictly amateur. 

Her favourite photography subjects were found in the outdoors - landscapes and animals – but then came the Covid-19 pandemic with the home isolation, lockdown and travel restrictions. She spent time photographing her dog Ollie and when that was exhausted, turned to macro photography, close up photography of small things. According to her: "Very quickly, I got bored photographing the more obvious subjects, like flowers. So a couple of months ago, I started taking pics of Lego people, but then I wanted pictures that were more lifelike and also more surprising." 

Shei now poses tiny model railway figures and food to create humorous scenes, which she posts to social media for her friends' and family's amusement. 

Some Jacki Gordon comments: 

"My first miniature scene shots were of Nordic walkers scaling frozen peas. I struggled so much with those first shots. My partner Paul and I were eating the defrosted peas for days. However, I was hooked." 

“Setting the figures in place is a labour of love. They stick to my fingers, fall over, and are just generally uncooperative. It can take a couple of hours to get them to behave so that I achieve the right look. I find the whole experience utterly immersive." 

"Generally my ideas are sparked by what I can find in the fridge or the back of the cupboard, often in the middle of the night as I am such a bad sleeper. 

"I set up various shots, look at them, think - that doesn't work, and then have a rummage to see what I can find." 

So far, Jacki has created about 70 of her miniature scenes and she hopes to eventually publish them in a book. 

She said: "Until then, I will continue trying to brighten up these dark days for myself, and for others." 


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