Monday, January 4, 2021

Quote for the Day

“I’m really sorry … but my wedding’s fucked, the whole year is fucked, it’s all fucked, it’s all really upsetting.” 

Bride Diana Falasca, 28, who, along with 20 of her family and guests, were each fined $1,000 for breaching Northern Beaches quarantine restrictions by having her wedding reception in Doltone House at Pyrmont in Sydney. She and her husband also need to pay for a deep clean of the venue, estimated to cost upwards from $10,000. The bride and the guests falsely declared to Doltone House that they were not from the Northern Beaches, where there is a COVID outbreak, nor that they had been anywhere near there. Following widespread outrage at her sense of entitlement and that the rules did not apply to her, she issued the above apology. 

Daily Mail

Some comments by readers in response:

Why are people planning such extravagant weddings during a pandemic? If you want to get married get the certificate signed and have the party later. 

Your life is only ruined because you thought the law didn't apply to you. Your life is only ruined because you thought that the rules did not apply to you and you could do whatever you wanted. Your life is ruined because of decisions you made. Now is the time to grow up, accept the consequences of your actions and go about living your new married life. 

Her life is ruined? See it's all about her once again. 

Just because they have money does not mean that they are intelligent, nor that they have any commonsense! 

Tough decision. I do understand why they went ahead [She justified it by saying they had postponed twice before and that it would have cost thousands of dollars to cancel again. – Otto] but she's right. it's tainted everything and their wedding memories. 

Your life goes on lady..many didn't!! 

I actually feel sorry for them. Cancelling last minute would have resulted in so much emotional and financial trauma. Easy for the NSW government to expect people to just cancel everything 24hrs before an important event that has taken months to organise!! Maybe the government can reimburse couples and event organisations money, for all money lost!!! 

Northern beaches residents had warning that lockdown was happening and also how long it might last. She could have arranged to stay outside the lockdown zone until the wedding. 

Why are people always so much more remorseful when they get caught red handed?

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