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There is a website called Mildly Vandalised which invites members of the public to post funny and non-serious cases of public vandalism. You can access the site by clicking on:

The website describes itself as "A place to share pictures and videos (or whatever) of mild vandalism that is either funny or mindful (or whatever)."

Bored Panda recently posted a selection of items from that site and with reader comments, many of which are as funny as the vandalism. The Bored Panda post is at:

Here are selected items and reader comments from the Bored Panda post . . .


Free Hat in Every Box

Reader comments:

Some assembly required, the voices in your head will tell you how it is done.

The voices are not in my head. That would be crazy sauce. The voices are being transmitted thru intergalactic transference waves.

Hurry!!! Presidential elections are coming up soon!!

“ Sales rise among QAnon customers “

The new "Trump 2024" cap.

The 5G signals are telling me to commit violent acts! Aaaggghh!

Worked at a PD. Officers passed these out on a regular basis.

Those are really needed these days.

The foil companies must be making bank. I can't stand at a bus stop or walk through downtown Portland without seeing drug use. People with foil, bΔΊue pills and a straw blow their smoke right in your face. It happened why I was next to a daycare!

Forest Ballerinas

I love people who see and create art medium on random things..

This is cute. Now do one where they are UFOs

This is the one case where vandalism is accepted

Degas' day in the woods

The one on the top right looks like Natalie Portman....

Always Carry a Sharpie

Life doesn't have enough whimsy. This helps. ;D

Annoyed post is annoyed.

My mom when she catches me in the pantry at 1am:

That pole has seen some s**t

They should do this for subway barriers so that people don't jump them.

This would make me smile every time I went by.

Whatcha lookin at huh?!

Does It Count??

πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ well played, whoever you are. πŸ‘

As someone from Perth, I think this is great!

Someone did that with Luton and Gatwick last year πŸ˜‚

Yeah, he said he got the idea from a guy in Milwaukee Wisconsin US. At least 30 or 40 years ago this guy code to the airport in Milwaukee painted welcome to Cleveland in huge letters on his roof. Both cities in great lakes are of the US, not super far from each other. At first especially, people freaked out, like thought they got on wrong plane

Wait, have I been living in Sydney this whole time???...

Why would it be scaring passengers? I'd just laugh

Because Perth is 4000km (2485 miles) west of Sydney. The other side of Australia.

Y’all didn't hear about the new book in the series? Odd...

It's book 9 3/4 in the series.

In the US it was called “Harry Potter and the Pack of Trojans.”

May the Grand Wizard of P choose not to have maintenance clean this sign.

You would think the symbol would be a lightning bolt.

Amusing but this one seems more harmful to the company that owns that sign

Damn Squirrels !

They do!!!

Finally! It's about time someone called out those cheating squirrels!

I'm a squirrel and that is NOT TRUE!! Well... mostly

I’m sure you must have cheated once

yea, once i was playing d&d with a squirrel and just as he was about to roll, i gave him the dice and he shoved it in his mouth and took off! he still won... but thats not the point!

Must be related to those big cats with spots on them.

True! They’re not very good at card games either.

Never play Texas Hold Em with a squirrel. Cheaters!

i was playing monopoly wiht them one night and i got the dark blues and the greens. the squirrel jumps on broadwalk and i thought i won he had 20 dollars last time i checked but all of sudden a 500 is in his hand and one 500 is missing from the bank. I KNOW HE STOLE BUT I CANT PROVE IT. never playing with them again

Happy Valentine’s Day

somebody needs to buy me this πŸ₯Ί

This would sell a lot more products than the original. I can't think of anyone to give the box to, but now that it's been improved, I know of dozens.

I resemble that remark

I had to buy this for myself, thereby validating the message

Lol my gf and me

Haha I'd buy it

Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland. No-one knows who put it up or why, apparently. Funny though.

its kinda wholesome to me

I would guess its for artists using pencils to draw the ocean

It's amazingly impressive that they got plaques.

Now this is where I draw the line

Apparently an ongoing thing / art installation / whatever in UK:

Coming upon an unexpected absurdity is what I want in my life.

Thank You For Your Service

It wasn't worth watching anymore after Radar left.

I liked both, Radar and Klinger. I loved the whole Series. M*A*S*H. The younger ones: just google it!!!

Aww, that's the scene where Radar salutes Lt Col. Blake when he leaves.

That’s a sad picture. When Col. Blake died.

Suicide is painless.

Before any of you youngin's down vote, this was the name of the song that played over the opening credits of MASH

Aww loved radar

Anyone who gets it is just showing their age

How many people under a certain age are going to get this?

A lot. It's regularly run on basic cable and available for streaming.

An oldie, but a goodie. Having flashbacks of MASH.


More to come.

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