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I Really Can’t

Me neither dude!


Please please listen to us. it’s not worth it. i promise, it gets better :) please hang on, i won’t let you go.

Love the comma in cope,man!

Love the 'same', lol

Lol. This reminds me of the time somebody drew d***s in the dirt all over the back of my white van, and I was riding around town, clueless to why people were honking and smiling at me. 🤦🏻‍♀️

It's just written in the dirt with a finger

Me yesterday.

Me all the time.

wow if there's ever a vehicle that needed the words wash me on it, it's this one

It be like that sometimes

Who will start a gofundme with me to get this a car wash

Hope it doesn't rain for a while.

This made me laugh out loud.

Never Give Up

Never gonna make you cry....

Never gonna say goodbye...

It's 04:30 here in the UK. I've had no sleep as it's too bloody hot and now I have an ear worm 😂

It's 4:54 now and I'm in the same situation xD

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

Just got Rickrolled by a wall. 🤣

Saw this picture three days ago and the song is still in my head.

Does it bother anyone else the "original text" wasn't originally centered?

a rather creative rickroll

It would be great if there was an out of order elevator (lift) just beyond this sign.

Couldn't read it without the tune in my head. It was an immediate mental reaction.

No Escape From This Memery./-

Caught in a landslide.

No escape from reality

Great sketch!

With pen/sharpie, no less :0 though I expect they used pencil and then traced

Does anyone else wonder why so many other people s**t with pens?

I always have a pen on me, either in a pocket or bag. Sometimes both.

caught in a land slide, no escape from realityyy

OK, props to whoever chose to spend their time finishing this masterpiece instead of doing anything else.

I needed this ty 🤣 🤣 🤣

Recently discovered this iconic line was borrowed from the first season of ER. Still funny though and no kid would have gotten the joke!

Happened again. Automatically sang it in my head. Great graffiti response.

Found This In A Bathroom At University

That’s even funnier because it’s not a hand dryer!

I didn’t even catch that! That is brilliantly evil!

I expect dinner and a movie first

I’m observing the comments and… using intuition, I suspect there is something about this phrase that makes it inappropriate to repeat in public…

I put a sign that said “voice activated copier” on the printer. Watched people say “copy COPY!!!” all day. Happy times

if someone overheard you.... I SWEAR I'M JUST TRYING TO DRY MY HANDS

I want to do this, and then watch so bad!

This is absolute gold!

I once witnessed a lady trying to dry her hands in the dispensing tray of a tampon machine.

Years ago, one of our line cooks convinced one of our hosts that the paper towel dispensers were voice activated. She spent a good five minutes standing there saying "towel" over and over again trying to dry her hands.

Imagine being vulnerable in a stall and hearing someone yelling, "blow me".

I've seen these and people have just followed the sign in some instances, talking and yelling at the thing to start, and then reporting them as not working.

Technically Mild Vandalism



Genius marketing!

Would this count as vandalism tho? You need to pay someone to remove what some people would call damage Other than that I think it’s quite smart It’s a bit those street shoe cleaners that clean one of your shoes for free so you see the difference and pay for the other shoe to be cleaned as well

Can someone explain?

The pressure washing company pressure washed their phone number as an advertisement onto the path, though it could be seen as vandalism because in a way it's like graffiti and can't be gotten rid of unless they call them to pressure wash the whole path or just let the path get dirty again, hope that was clear and helped :]

I anticipate an excellent return in that investment

Now I am curious about the technical aspects of how they did this. Maybe an adhesive vinyl stencil they peeled off afterwards? Similar to what is done for some glass etching. A "regular' stencil would likely lift up under the water pressure and not give you such crisp lines.

OMGawsh - this is so outstanding. LOVE IT

I hope that got them some business before they had to power wash this entire walk for free as part of their fine.

Great way to advertise and show the quality of your work - Love it.

Anyone else see a hippo?

An Accident Made A Bit Brighter

Those might be the largest Google eyes ever.

There’s a store I went to… I forget what it was called. Max’s? I Don’t remember. But I got these huge googly eyes… the backs are made of thick cardboard. I’m confident mine would be larger than these

Omg ive never seen anything more beautiful in my life

Smoking is very, very bad for you!!!

Omg! Driving thru the Monticello Indiana area a few years back, I saw this and turned around to snap a pic! Funny seeing the actual thing then seeing it in a pic here!

the tin man

smoking is bad for its health

So, it ate the vehicle except for the tailpipe. . .?

Are You?

Ok the fact that this is even a billboard tho

Oh, the things found on billboards… my mom and sister once spotted a billboard saying “who farted?”

i said next question!

Ok, that made me laugh.

Only my mother or a judge asks me that question.

they ask you how you are, and you just have to say that you're fine, when you're not really fine, but you just can't get into it because they would never understand

Die Hard

Does that mean it's rated at one Bruce Willis, or equivalent weight?

My first thought was that if you crawled through in that direction, you’d meet Bruce Willis

Alas, I think Bruce Willis has crawled through his last duct.

Also works with John Bender of Breakfast Club fame

I love this! ❤️ you Bruce!!

Old cliches Die Hard.

This way to the detonators.

Airport Bathroom. Thought It Was A Sticker, But It Appears To Be Drawn


How can you tell that that airport is in Alaska just from that one photo? It's witchcraft I say, witchcraft! 😱

Rule numero uno for vandalizing: before even considering vandalizing, first ensure that your creative/art skills are top notch.

Airport bathroom in Gnome, Alaska?

Wow, that’s quite a drawing!

It's David de Kabouter by Rien Poortvliet.

I recognised this too, I watched the show as a kid, but I didn't know the name anymore. Thank you for reminding me! :)

Careful, he might be trying to steal your underpants.

Uh-oh! Can you help me out? I have Gnome more paper!

It’s good to gnome that there’s a gnome there!

An airport? OMG! This is the cousin of the Twilight Zone gremlin that almost killed William Shatner! Run for your lives!

Musta been a long a$$ dump

What up my Gnomie?

The Gnome is cute, but, my OCD says, don't you just hate when they don't lineup the tile corners. . .?

Can we appreciate the people with the courage and artistic talent to do this?

You've been ganomed!


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