Thursday, February 4, 2010

People: Sonia McMahon

In 1965 Sonia Rachel Hopkins, 32, married William "Billy" McMahon, 57, a politician in the government of Sir Robert Menzies.  Billy McMahon was Australia's Prime Minister between 1971-1972 until defeated by Gough Whitlam.
Today Lady Sonia McMahon is probably better known as the mother of Julian McMahon of Nip Tuck and Danii Minogue's ex.
In 1971, however, she created world wide headlines with a dress worn to a White House reception (pic below).  The dress had see-through slits on both sides and showed off her legs to their full advantage, no doubt to Richard Nixon's delight.  According to the Washington Post, it was one of the most talked about dresses ever worn to the White House.
Billy McMahon died in 1988.  Lady Sonia still lives in Bellevue Hill.

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